Summer Job (1989)

In the 80’s, teen comedies were going by the dozens. While films such as Porky’s and Revenge of the Nerds made the A-list, dozens of independent labels released more straight to video fare usually achieving a more sense of rauchiness. This 1988 teen comedy is one of those that had the style of A-list standards […]

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Van Wilder (2002)

The start of a trilogy of films, this raunchy comedy would become the breakout of a young star who would later become a “merc with a mouth”. Not knowing what he wants to do with his life, Van Wilder has become the toast of Coolidge College, having been a student there for seven years. Having […]

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A Flying Jatt (2016)

Bollywood’s new generation martial arts action hero, Tiger Shroff, goes the superhero route in this film that starts out quite funny before things get real. Malhotra, an unscrupulous businessman, has been transporting toxic waste to a local facility near a lake. However, to speed delivery up, he intends to build a bridge but there stands […]

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