REVIEW: The Women (1939)

This classic Hollywood film is considered a groundbreaker as it features an all-female cast with no man in sight. During a day of getting her nails done, Sylvia Fowler has learned from the manicurist that Stephen Haines, a well-respected businessman, has been cheating on his wife Mary with a perfume counter worker named Crystal Allen. Sylvia just happens to be friends with Mary, who learns … Continue reading REVIEW: The Women (1939)

It’s Hair Metal vs. Giant Monsters in “Dead Ant” Trailer

In this corner…a hair metal band on the verge of a comeback. In this corner, giant ants! Yes, that’s what we see in the trailer to the upcoming horror-comedy Dead Ant, written and directed by Ron Carlson. The film will make its debut at this year’s Screamfest, which will take place at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood from October 10 through 19. When the “one-hit-wonder” glam-metal … Continue reading It’s Hair Metal vs. Giant Monsters in “Dead Ant” Trailer

REVIEW: Second Nature (2017)

Gender reversal takes on a whole new level in this hilarious comedy from debut filmmaker Michael Cross. Since they were children, Amanda Maxwell and Bret Johnson have always had a rivalry. Amanda works for Bret, who is the owner of a real estate company in the small town of Louisburg. When the town’s mayor is killed in a car accident, a special election is to … Continue reading REVIEW: Second Nature (2017)

REVIEW: Better Off Dead… (1985)

John Cusack’s life is turned upside down in both good and bad ways…more bad than good in this hilarious 80’s comedy. Lane Meyer has had two things going for him: his love for skiing and his girlfriend Beth. When he’s given a chance to try out for his high school’s ski team, he’s determined to prove himself to ski team captain Roy Stalin. However, not … Continue reading REVIEW: Better Off Dead… (1985)

Yen to Become a New Kind of “Dragon”

Donnie Yen is about to become a new kind of “Dragon”. Out doing promotion for his upcoming crime drama Chasing the Dragon, Yen and Wong Jing practically shocked the martial arts film world when they announced their next collaboration will be a remake of an underrated classic! The classic they are remaking? Enter the Fat Dragon! For those who are unfamiliar with this film, the … Continue reading Yen to Become a New Kind of “Dragon”

REVIEW: The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017)

Get ready for a wild ride as rivals Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds must unite to save themselves from getting killed in this hilarious action comedy. Michael Bryce was once a top elite bodyguard for respectable businessmen until a client is killed as he leaves the plane. Two years has passed and Michael still works as a bodyguard, but his job has resort to … Continue reading REVIEW: The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017)

REVIEW: Burnt (2015)

A once-talented chef struggles with his past demons during his road to redemption in this drama from director John Wells. Adam Jones was once considered one of the top chefs in Paris as the protégé of restauranteur Jean-Luc. That is, until he started using drugs and earned a reputation for his drive to perfection. Having ruined everyone’s reputation, Adam leaves for New Orleans, where he … Continue reading REVIEW: Burnt (2015)