A woman looking for peace finds anything but that in this haunting tale from Brooklyn Nine-Nine acot Joe Lo Truglio.

Kate has been in a very abusive relationship and has finally had enough courage to get a restraining order out on him. After a violent attack, she decides to get help from longtime friend Nikki, who offers her a possible opportunity to start over. She heads to the local forest where Nickie’s brother Earl is the head ranger. He is looking for someone to work at the lookout post and live there as well for a period of three months.

Kate accepts the offer and slowly begins to find peace. However, she sometimes finds herself haunted with various visions and nightmares from her past. However, she eventually finds a bit of solace and peace when she meets next door neighbor Reggie. Reggie’s wife Bertha died years ago, and he still feels remorseful considering the situation. Kate soon becomes suspicious but something far worse is in store for her. Will she make it out of the outpost and possible nightmare alive, or will it be too late?

This psychological horror film is quite interesting that we have an actor more famous for his work in comedy delving into the genre. While Jordan Peele is known for this, now we have The State, Reno 911, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Joe Lo Truglio giving it a shot and one thing is for sure. He’s got the potential to make something on a grand scale of Peele, if this film has anything to say about it.

The film feels like The Shining meets the woods and in the central role of Kate is Beth Dover, best known for her role as the villainous Linda in Orange is the New Black. Dover, who is married to Lo Truglio, is excellent as she plays a woman who is looking for a fresh start. We see the film open with a final argument turned beating from Kate’s ex Mike, played by actor and stuntman Tim Neff. We see the first of her visions when she sees patrons at the restaurant she works in stare at her. The visions become a vital part of the film.

While Dover is great, kudos goes out to Dylan Baker as local townie Reggie, who for quite a good portion of the film seems to have a liking to Kate not in a romantic way, but someone he can try to talk to with no issues. He even goes as far as offer her some herbal tea he made himself. However, we do question Reggie’s intentions because we’re unsure of a few things and this leads to a third act which leads to something extremely shocking that not only is quite unexpected but even the final moments of the film are jaw-dropping.

Outpost is a film to look out for. Beth Dover is excellent in the lead role and her husband Joe Lo Truglio proves he can write and direct a horror film and should definitely continue making more.


Gravitas Ventures presents a What’s That Noise Films production in association with Gigi Films. Director: Joe Lo Truglio. Producers: Joe Lo Truglio, Kara Baker, and Joe Mortimer. Writer: Joe Lo Truglio. Cinematography: Frank Barrera. Editing: Hu Yang-Hua.

Cast: Beth Dover, Ato Essandoh, Dylan Baker, Ta-Rea Campbell, Becky Ann Baker, Dallas Roberts, Tim Neff, D.R. Anderson.

The film will hot select theaters and Digital on May 19.