A group of young women fall prey to a masked killer in this throwback to the classic 80s and 90s slashers meshing the likes of Scream with The Slumber Party Massacre.

Two years ago, at the high school prom, Ashley was the victim of a prank in which she is duped by her date, Carter Fisher, to undress in one of the stalls. Ashley soon is photographed by her friends Samantha, Mickey, Barbra, Miles, and Alana. Devastated and humiliated, Ashley blames Carter for the prank and in a fit of rage, shoots him in the boys’ bathroom. Ashley is arrested and the five friends find themselves now feeling terrible about what happened.

Present day. The girls decide to get together for a weekend in the cabin. Samantha is still traumatized about what has happened two years ago but decides to go to the cabin to reconnect with her friends. Meanwhile, there are reports that a prison break has occurred in the nearby prison, where Ashley was held for Carter’s murder. Soon, the girls’ weekend is set to become a nightmare as a masked killer has emerged intent on killing the five girls and anyone who stands in its way.

From the mind of Calvin Morie McCarthy comes this throwback to great slashers such as Scream and The Slumber Party Massacre to name a few. The story of a prank gone wrong and two years later, someone begins to go after those responsible for the prank may seem like a bit of a slow burn. However, there are more than just the potential victims who fall prey. There are other characters who become victims of the killer, who I will name “SmileFace” because the mask resembles Ghostface with a smile on the mask.

The girls are what you would expect in a film of the genre. Laura Welsh’s Sam is the innocent, guilt-driven member of the group. Chynna Rae Shurts’ Barbra is the Linnea Quigley of the group, the tough girl. Allegra Sweeney’s Miles is the brash member of the group. Jax Kellington’s Alana is the well, most likely to win “most promiscuous” award. Finally, Nicolette Pulley’s Mikki is the fun loving member of the group. We see the characters come out in true form but ready to go full scream queen when SmileFace strikes.

Kudos has to go out to Raptor FX for their messing of practical and CGI effects with certain kill sequences. Some of them are of course, over the top, but it is okay. An OTT throat slashing and dismemberment of a hand are just the tip of the iceberg. One victim gets sliced in half and one even gets a My Bloody Valentine-style impaling on a tree branch. These are just great kills overall and are a vital reason why this is a horror film that should be watched!

Pillow Party Massacre is a fun and bloody marvelous throwback to the 80s and 90s slashers that have great kills and a villain in “SmileFace” as I like to call it. If you are a fan of the good ol OTT slashers, then add this to your list.


Breaking Glass Pictures and Raptor FX Studios presents a 7th Street production. Director: Calvin Morie McCarthy. Producers: Chad Buffett, Michael Conroy, Susan Helfrich, Brad Littlefield, and Scott Motisko. Writer: Calvin Morie McCarthy. Cinematography: Calvin Morie McCarthy. Editing: Calvin Morie McCarthy.

Cast: Laura Walsh, Chynna Rae Sturts, Jax Kellington, Allegra Sweeney, Nicolette Pulley, Daniel Donlon, Jon Meggison, John Reddy, Stephanie Leet, Neil Jones, Amy DiLorenzo, Savannah Raye Jones, Sebastian Bjorn.