A recovering addict gets more than he bargains for as he undergoes a different kind of change in this great vampire film with a major twist.

Massimo has been in a loving relationship with Tien. In fact, she is the reason why he has decided to kick his drug habit while Tien is a recovering alcoholic. Their relationship allows them to not think about their vices. However, the same can’t be said for his family as his mother and stepfather demand that Massimo leave Tien and what he wants, he gets. However, a heated argument leads Massimo to meet Lucky and soon enough, he gets bitten and undergoes a change.

Lucky is actually a shape-shifting vampire who transforms into Sofia. When Massimo tries to tell Tien about his encounter, Sofia interrupts things and Tien is heartbroken. Meanwhile, Sofia begins to tell Massimo about who she really is and what he’s about to become. She decides to mentor him in the ways of the vampire and his confidence begins to build up. However, he can’t stop thinking about Tien and learning she could be in trouble, he plans to do something about it before it’s too late.

This is quite an interesting film from director Monte Light that is done mostly in black and white with hints of color, including a video call between protagonist Massimo and the love of his life Tien. While it is being marketed as inspired by Nosferatu, it doesn’t vibe like the classic F.W. Murnau film, but it feels more like it is a “coming of age” film for Massimo, a recovering drug addict whose newfound vampirism slowly begins to help him overcome all the obstacles that have stood in his way for so long.

Michael Klug is great in his role of Massimo, a man who only finds happiness with Tien, played by Christine Nguyen, a staple of softcore cinema. Nguyen is great in the role as she doesn’t have to rely so much on her “assets” but has a great emotional range as like Massimo, Tien is also overcoming an addiction and finds herself heartbroken when she learns of Massimo’s encounter with Lucky, played by Jamie Tran.

It is when we see Lucky’s true form of Sofia, a vampire played by Meghan Deanna Kingsley, that we see Massimo learn about his new powers and thus, the “coming of age” riff of the film. If there is one character to absolutely loathe, it is his stepfather Crate, a dangerous criminal who gets what he wants, played by Joe Altieri. Horror veterans Debra Lamb and Helene Udy make the most of their screen time respectively as Massimo’s mother and an escort who Massimo brings in to help him with his first “feeding”. The final five minutes of the film take a turn that is completely unexpected and brings everything together.

Blood Covered Chocolate is a pretty good vampire coming of age film if you will as someone comes to terms with his newfound skills, propelling him to gain the confidence he needs. Great performances from the cast make this one to watch.


Terror Films present a Lone Morsel Productions film in association with Atomic Finch Productions and American Courtyard Productions. Director: Monte Light. Producers: Frank Merle, Gregory Schmittel, and Neal Tyler. Writer: Monte Light. Cinematography: Neal Tyler. Editing: Monte Light.

Cast: Michael Klug, Christine Nguyen, Joe Altieri, Meghan Deanna Kingsley, Debra Lamb, Helene Udy, Mike Ferguson.