An ex-soldier is back at war at a wedding in the latest film from filmmaker Shane Dax Taylor.

Bradley was once part of an elite group of soldiers who were on a mission to rescue a target. The mission succeeds but there was a price to pay when some of the team members were left behind or dead. Time has passed and Bradley has been living a quiet life as a widower and farmer. However, he has a major surprise when cousin and fellow ex-soldier Cal pays a visit.

Cal is getting married to Brooke, his longtime girlfriend, and he asks Bradley be the best man. At the resort where the wedding is being held, Bradley runs into his former commanding officer Anders, who has taken his retirement in stride. Knowing he has been lonely since the death of his wife, Brooke decides to set Bradley up with her sister Hailey. The two hit it off and things go well. However, the resort soon finds itself under fire when a band of armed mercenaries have invaded to get a hefty payday and much more when it comes to the leader. Soon enough, Bradley, Cal, and Anders must work together to stop the mercenaries before it’s too late.

This year is quite an interesting year for indie action film, especially those who are looking for a fun homage to Die Hard, the iconic action franchise of the retired Bruce Willis. First, there’s Breakout, known as “Die Hard in a Prison” in some circles. Now comes this film, which can be described as “Die Hard in a Wedding”. Shane Dax Taylor directed a fun and wild action film that makes the most of its cast and yes, like those who love a good popcorn action film will enjoy this one.

Roswell’s Brendan Fehr is excellent as the titular “best man”, who is suffering from loss from both his career and life as the opening battle scene sees him suffering from the loss of two of his teammates and eventually, the loss of his wife. It is once he heads to the resort where the wedding is being held is where he slowly begins to find happiness again, not only for his cousin/teammate Cal, played by an against type Luke Wilson, but in the form of Hailey, played by Scout Taylor-Compton.

Dolph Lundgren clearly has fun in his role of retired commander Anders, who spends the film getting drunk, playing the piano, and having a good time with one of the bridesmaids as they serenade each other at times. This goes on for the first half of the film, which is good because it balances out the second half of the film, in which the action begins. A combination of firepower and close quarters fisticuffs are at hand, and we get to see Luke Wilson in a different light, and it’s meant in a good way. If Owen Wilson can do it, so can his brother.

The Best Man is definitely “Die Hard in a Wedding”, but it balances character backstory and action nicely. Brendan Fehr is great in the lead role and Luke Wilson goes against type as a potential action star and Dolph Lundgren…’nuff said. Great popcorn action film!


Saba Films presents an Archstone Entertainment production in association with BondIt Media Capital. Director: Shane Dax Taylor. Producers: Daniel Cummings, Scott Martin, Jack Sheehan, Michael Thomas Slifkin, and Daniel Zirilli. Writers: C. Alec Rossel and Shane Dax Taylor; story by Daniel Zirilli. Cinematography: Stephen St. Peter. Editing; Jake Buchheit.

Cast: Brendan Fehr, Luke Wilson, Nicky Whelan, Scout Taylor-Compton, Dolph Lundgren, Scott Martin, Ryan Devlin, King Orba, Andrew Ivchenko, Chris Mullinax, Michael Proctor, Alex Reymundo.

The film will be released in select theaters, VOD, and Digital on April 21.