A father and daughter pair of space travelers look for the Holy Grail in this film and wild sci-fi film from Garo Setian.

It is the 30th century and when someone dies, their soul takes the form of a liquid known as “essence”. Kip Corman and his daughter Taylor are a pair of scavengers in outer space looking for some major finds that will earn them some money. They also hold the “essence” of Lacey, Kip’s late wife and Taylor’s mother. When Kip accidentally steals a coin that belonged to the dead sister of former hire Elnora, she vows revenge on Kip at any cost.

Meanwhile, another spaceship, led by mercenary Dykstra, plan to look for Jackie, a scientist who knows the location of the Deepstar, a ship that is believed to hold great power. It is believed that the Deepstar could help essences come to life. When Jackie stows away to Kip and Taylor’s ship, they learn about the Deepstar and find themselves now wanted by Dykstra as well. Things are bound to come to a head when the race to find the Deepstar begins. Who will come out on top and is the grass greener as it seems?

Do you miss just a fun popcorn sci-fi film that doesn’t have to take itself too seriously? Something that isn’t Star Wars where the story is pretty simple and just about a pair of scavengers looking for the Holy Grail? Then you have found your movie in this. Garo Setian brings the fun and action in the story of a father and daughter who look for a mysterious ship that is believed to grant life to the “essences”, liquid souls, in hopes to revive their wife/mother and find trouble along the way.

Michael Paré and Sarah French have great chemistry as the father-daughter team of Kip and Taylor. Kip is reminiscent of Star Wars’ Han Solo and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord. A scavenger who looks for payday and has fun with those he crosses. Taylor on the other hand tries to make sure Kip is doing what he is supposed to do and causes any trouble of grief, knowing full well that yeah, daddy doesn’t always know best. Taylor also has some fight in her when she needs to defend herself.

As for the villainous team, 90’s action legend Olivier Gruner is great as Dykstra, the mercenary leader who has a crew of he and two others. One is Nina, played by Legend of the White Dragon’s Rachele Brooke Smith, who clearly is crushing on her boss, but he is oblivious to it. Then there’s Wade, played by Tyler Gallant, who seems to have a crush and sometimes rivalry with the tough Taylor as they have quite a few scenes together and Wade sometimes feels sympathy towards Taylor and other times, he’s following orders.

The big running gag comes in the form of Elnora, Kip’s former hire who in between their battles with Dykstra and the hunt for the Deepstar, constantly attempts to destroy Kip. Played by Sadie Katz, she is reminiscent of another character in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe, that of the Sovereign High Queen, Ayesha. Her constant relentless nature to stop Kip is unbearable at times and even when he tries to reason with her, she is still hellbent on revenge. Anahit Setian makes a fun addition as Jackie, the one wanted by Dykstra but who ultimately teams up with Kip and Taylor.

Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar is an edge on your seat wild ride filled with action, some comic relief, and an unexpected twist with a great cast involved. A fun popcorn sci-fi film that doesn’t need to be epic or taken seriously.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents a Hungry Monster Entertainment production in association with Millman Productions and Ron Lee Productions. Director: Garo Setian. Producers: Joanna Fang, Sarah French, Bill Klinakis, Joe Knetter, Robert Parigi, Anahit Setian, Garo Setian, “Evil” Ted Smith, and Ben Stobber. Writers: Joe Knetter and Garo Setian. Cinematography: Michael Su. Editing: Garo Setian.

Cast: Michael Paré, Olivier Gruner, Sarah French, Rachele Brooke Smith, Tyler Gallant, Anahit Setian Sadie Katz, Elise Muller.

The film comes to select theaters April 21 followed by a digital release on May 2.