From the director of The Game Plan comes this emotional and heartfelt story of a woman who finds herself in a place she never imagined being.

Since meeting Jesse Garland at a high school party, Emma Blair has always wanted to live a free life where she doesn’t have to conform to her family. After six years together, Jesse and Emma finally get married and begin traveling around the world and enjoying their lives together. However, one day changes everything when Jesse is reported missing and presumed dead from a helicopter crash on his way to Australia for a photo shoot.

Four years have passed, and Emma has moved back to her hometown, inherited her family’s bookstore, and has found love again with her childhood friend Sam Lee. On the day Sam proposes to Emma, she feels in heaven, but Emma soon receives a telephone call and it is Jesse. He has been found on a deserted island and is ready to come home. When Jesse returns home, he expects to pick things up where he left off, leaving Emma in a very bad predicament. With two men vying for her love, Emma realizes she must make a decision that will change all three lives’ forever.

From the author of Daisy Jones and the Six (currently an Amazon series) comes this adaptation of her novel, which she co-wrote alongside her husband Alex. Directed by Andy Fickman, this is a film that can get very emotional and heartwrenching at times. It may make one want to root for our protagonist Emma to pick either Jesse, her long lost husband, or Sam, her childhood friend turned fiancé. In a way, like The Twilight Saga’s Team Edward or Team Jacob, you may want to pick Team Jesse or Team Sam.

Phillipa Soo gives a very emotional performance in the lead role of Emma. We see her on this rollercoaster of life when it comes to love. We see the film’s first half told in a flashback form where a young Emma meets Jesse at a party and it leads to a romantic marriage between the two. The chemistry between Soo and Luke Bracey is quite invigorating because these two seem to know what they want and make the most of their lives, not conforming to the normalities and sometimes realism of life. When we see Emma lost Jesse, she is devastated, but it is later in the film we see how she reconnects with her current man, Sam, played by Shang-Chi himself, Simu Liu.

Liu offers up plenty of comic relief as a man who has found his long lost childhood friend and crush, finally being with her only to find himself at risk of losing her again. The comic relief from Liu comes when he is pouring his heart out to his music students as well as fellow teachers at the school he works at. Waiting for Emma to come around, he is just miserable but yet questions whether he should attempt to get her back or let her live her blissful life with her reunited husband. Special mentions must go out to Tom Everett Scott as Emma’s sometimes bumbling brother-in-law and newcomer Oceana Matsumoto, a hearing-impaired actor, as Sophie, Emma’s niece.

One True Loves is both heartwarming and heartwrenching with leads Phillipa Soo, Simu Liu, and Luke Bracey all churning out great performances in a love triangle. Who will you root for? Team Jesse or Team Sam?


The Avenue presents a Volition Media Partners in association with Gosdom Entertainment, Studio 507, Yogurt Time Films, Tetrad Studios, and BuzzFeed Studios. Director: Andy Fickman. Producers: Andy Beasley, Andy Fickman, Sarah Finn, Arianne Fraser, Michael Jefferson, Petr Jakl, Willie Kutner, Ryan Donnell Smith, and Betsy Sullenger. Writers: Taylor Jenkins Reid and Alex Jenkins Reid; based on the novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Cinematography: Greg Gardiner. Editing:

Cast: Phillipa Soo, Simu Liu, Luke Bracey, Michaela Conlin, Tom Everett Scott, Oceana Matsumoto, Michael O’Keefe, Beth Broderick, Gary Hudson, Lauren Tom.

The film will be in select theaters on April 7, followed by a VOD release on April 14.