A drag queen must find and reinvent himself in this riveting dramedy from star/writer/director Todd Flaherty.

Having been best friends in New York City’s LGBTQ nightlife, Chrissy and Judy have been through thick and thin. They perform drag at nights at a local club and have been a hit among the crowds. However, Chrissy is about to drop a major bomb on Judy. Having started a relationship with another man, Shawn, Chrissy tells Judy he will be moving to Philadelphia and transfer to his day job there. Judy is shocked to hear the news and doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Down in the dumps over losing his best friend and then learning the drag act has been delayed for the summer, Judy meets up with an old friend, Samoa, and starts having the time of his life again. When Judy meets a guy that Samoa has a thing for, a flirtation causes Samoa to cut ties with Judy. When Chrissy invites Judy to come for a weekend in Philadelphia, things finally come ahead and upon his return to New York, Judy finally realizes that the only one he can change is himself.

This film from Todd Flaherty brings to mind a sense of realism and how one must find a way to reinvent themselves in hopes to stay in a limelight that is practically non-existent. The reason being that life will change, people change, and sometimes, to change, one must change and realize that maybe through change, bridges can be mended or remain rather than burn to the ground.

Flaherty himself takes the role of Judy, who finds himself as a crossroads when he learns the one person he can rely on, Wyatt Fenner’s Chrissy, leaves him to start a new life in Philadelphia. Flaherty brings a black and white filter for the film, which brings to the mind the feel of having a black and white world in the mind of Judy. In Judy’s mind, it is about getting the attention and wanting to remain in the spotlight and if Chrissy won’t join him, then maybe he could work as a solo act.

There are some comedic moments with Judy’s road to reinventing himself, such as a scene where Judy is taking a dancing class and he and the choreographer, played by Brad Landers, briefly rib each other. But it is clear that Judy is completely heartbroken and doesn’t know exactly how to cope. Judy goes down a major downward spiral that comes to a major and pivotal scene in Philadelphia while visiting his former BFF and his boyfriend. This leads to a life-changing moment for Judy who finally comes to terms with the changes surrounding him and in the midst of things, learn a valuable lesson about life.

Chrissy Judy is a riveting and realistic look at adaptation in the world of life. Todd Flaherty wows both in front and behind the camera as a LGBTQ man learning about changes in life and adapting to those changes. A highly recommended film.


Dark Star Pictures presents an Undetectable Productions film. Director: Todd Flaherty. Producers: Todd Flaherty, Dane Agostinis, and Robert M. Lohman. Writer: Todd Flaherty. Cinematography: Brendan Flaherty. Editing: Todd Flaherty.

Cast: Todd Flaherty, Wyatt Fenner, Joey Taranto, James Tison, Kiyon Spencer, Deon Oliverio, Dito von Reigersberg, Nicole Spiezio, Olivia Oguma, David Gow, Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper, Brad Landers.

The film debuts in Los Angeles and New York on March 31.