It is time to say farewell to an icon as Bruce Willis makes his final film appearance in this sci-fi action thriller from director Jesse Atlas.

Alexa’s life has been in turmoil since her husband Sebastian has been found comatose. She hopes that he will one day wake up. She meets his boss Valmora, a government official who offers Alexa a chance to possibly find out who is responsible for Sebastian’s state. Alexa learns Sebastian took part in a military experiment in which a person has the ability to take over someone’s body and manipulate the brain to what as one wishes. However, there has been incidents of murders in the midst and Valmora believes they are connected to Sebastian.

Alexa is tasked with taking over the body of a local artist, Mali. Mali is set to make a major deal with Adrian, a wealthy businessman. However, according to intel, Adrian may be the terrorist the government are looking for. As Mali, Alexa draws herself into Adrian and soon finds herself in a major conflict. She finds herself attracted and close to Adrian, but it doesn’t bode well as Valmora fears that Adrian will use Mali to get to the members of his own team to manipulate them to kill each other. Will Alexa be able to withstand Adrian and find a way to save her husband, or will it be too late?

Since the mid-1980s, Bruce Willis has made himself a household name beginning with the hit television series Moonlighting, which led to a successful film career including of course the iconic Die Hard franchise. However, it was clear that Willis loved working and continued to work on many films over the years until his retirement in March 2022 from what was originally aphasia but has now been confirmed as frontotemporal dementia. His recent films that were released post-retirement includes the really good Detective Knight trilogy with recent frequent collaborator Edward Drake. Now, it’s time to say farewell as this is Willis’ final film in his prolific career.

Here, he doesn’t get involved in any action like many of his other recent films. Here’s he plays a straight-laced role in Valmora, a government official and operative tasked with helping a wife in mourning find the ones responsible for her husband’s demise. And yet, he knows she is the only one capable of completing the “mission”.

Coming 2 America’s Nonzamo Mbatha is excellent in the role of Alexa, who goes from one conflict into another. First, she is reeling from the comatose state of her husband Sebastian, played by Mustafa Shakir. To play a character close to her native South Africa, she mentions that her mother is planning to visit from Cape Town and hopes it will motivate him to awaken. Taking over the body of Mali, played by Andy Allo, Alexa soon finds herself drawn toward Adrian, who is believed to be the mind terrorist responsible for her husband’s demise.

What is interesting is that Dominic Purcell can play intimidating characters and it looks like it when we are introduced to him. However, Adrian brings a charm that soon causes Alexa to rethink whether she is doing the right thing or not. This leads to some shocking twists to start the third and final act and it is indeed mind-blowing, no pun intended.

Assassin is a fond farewell to a bonafide icon in Bruce Willis. His career has been stellar and having a great lead in Nonzamo Mbatha and really good support from Dominic Purcell makes this a worthy final film for the legendary Bruce Willis.


Saban Films presents an Endless Media production in association with Altamira Media, magiCity Studios, and Endless Media. Director: Jesse Atlas. Producers: Alex Eckert, Jeff Elliott, Najeeb Khuda, Gavin Lurie, Joel Shapiro, Thomas Sjolund, and Rob Wolfe. Writers: Jesse Atlas and Aaron Wolfe. Cinematography: Bryan Koss. Editing: Phillip Harrison.

Cast: Nonzamo Mbatha, Bruce Willis, Dominic Purcell, Andy Allo, Mustafa Shakir, Fernanda Andrade, Christian Rodgrido, Barry Jay Minoff, Hannah Quinlivan, Bruce Cooper, Vanessa Vander Pluym.

The film will be released in select theaters, On Demand, and Digital on March 31.