Four survivors of a serial killer return to the place where it all started in this horror film from director Rod A. Smith.

Five years ago, Vincent, a maniacal killer, was apparently murdered. He would be known for kidnapping and sacrificing women to appease the God of the Serial Killers, Vrienad. Dr. Epstein, a renowned psychologist, decided to invite four women who survived Vincent’s ordeals back to the house where he committed the murders in hopes that they will confront their past and move on with their lives.

The four are Ricci, Caroline, Teresa, and Noni. Noni is a medium who can sense who may have been killed and who hasn’t. She doesn’t feel Vincent, which begins to indicate he may not be dead after all. As the women continue to feel uncomfortable in the house, Dr. Epstein does her best to convince them to stay until some shocking truths about everyone involved will lead to something very dangerous and no one may be getting out alive.

This is an interesting horror film that starts out as a psychological thriller but soon adds a supernatural twist. The film takes its time to perceive the supernatural elements of the film but the psychological aspect works well as the film also plays like character studies for the five women involved. As the film gets more and more going, we learn a lot more about each character and their connection to the serial killer Vincent, well played by Michael Beran.

Dawna Lee Heising, who will join the WorldFilmGeek Hall of Fame this year, churns out one of her best performances as Dr. Epstein, who is the one responsible for inviting the survivors back into the house. One would think she has good intentions as it is perceived. However, there is something deep under the surface and as the film continues, we get to see those layers slowly unravel as one may predictably think there is something not right about the situation and Dr. Epstein begins to slowly reveal her true self.

Tatiana Larrea, Lainee Rhodes, Fawn Hanson, and Amara Raeanne Perez play the survivors who come to the house in hopes to fight their past demons. Each of the characters have a connection to Vincent and like Dr. Epstein, begins to slowly unravel their layers as we learn who they are and why they were chosen to be sacrified for Vrienad only to narrowly escape. The final act is where the supernatural elements finally come into play and with what the budget they had, the effects are not too bad.

The Legacy meshes psychological horror and the supernatural but also serves as a character study with few tropes in it. However, see this film to see Dawna Lee Heising in one of her best performances and for the shocking end twist.


A Bloodletting Productions film. Director: Rod A. Smith. Producers: Wendy Tillery Boling, Robert Louder, and Scut Sperlock. Writer: Rod A. Smith. Cinematography: Rod A. Smith. Editing: Rod A. Smith.

Cast: Dawna Lee Heising, Tatiana Larrea, Lainee Rhodes, Fawn Hanson, Amara Raeanne Perez, Michael Beran, Jerry Walker, TeriLee Deutsch.