A man starts seeing visions and discovers something shocking in the feature film debut on filmmaker Wayne David.

William is a young man who has been having strange visions as of late. His one outlet of overcoming what he has experienced is Chantelle, who keeps him grounded. The two have an ever loving relationship as they happily walk around the cottage they are staying at. When William begins to have visions of Chantelle being attacked, his relationship with her begins to slowly deteriorate. But that soon becomes the least of his problems.

A mysterious stranger appears at the cottage and warns William about a creature lurking afoot. William refuses to believe it, but as the visions grow stronger, his relationship with Chantelle begins to become impacted. Eventually, when Chantelle disappears, William searches for answers and upon seeing the mysterious Stranger again, he discovers something very shocking. Something that will change his life forever.

Wayne David has always had a love of the horror genre and for his feature film debut, he does something quite interesting. Combining elements from some of his favorites and crafted an interesting meshing of monster film and psychological thriller. Putting himself in the central of William also gives David a chance to showcase his acting and he’s quite good at displaying his emotional range.

The other great factor in terms of acting is Sian Altman as Chantelle. She is high on the bar of making her name in the horror genre, after appearances in Croc! And Firenado. As Chantelle, we see her as the one who keeps William on his good natured side for most of the film, until she begins to appear on and off in the second half of the film. Grant Masters is also great as the mysterious Stranger, who clues William in on what really is happening and this leads to a shocking third act that pulls everything together.

Wolf Garden is one of those films that you can’t miss a minute off, or everything will be thrown off. Wayne David meshes psychological thriller and monster movie with the director doing well as an actor as well as Sian Altman.


Gravitas Ventures presents a Lightning Strike Pictures. Director: Wayne David. Producers: Dominic Davey and Wayne David. Writer: Wayne David. Cinematography: Ariel Artur. Editing: Stephen Hedley.

Cast: Wayne David, Sian Altman, Grant Masters.

The film is on Digital today.