Stand-up comic Michele Traina unleashes her stand up comedy show live from Chicago, and it is quite funny!

She talks about her relationship with coffee, her failed marriage, at one point comparing her ex-husband to “Charlie Brown’s mother”. She even encourages audience participation with a hilarious line of “I’ll crack your mouth”, showcasing her Italian heritage with her grandmother. This may remind you of that tough grandmother you had as a child, well, even an adult. She talks about her relationship with her parents and how they feared of her future ex. She also talks about her love of dancing and how she is far from being a “school mom” and the different moms she has to deal with as well as the students she had to deal with teaching.

For just over an hour, we get to enjoy Michele at her finest and it is clear why she needs to be seen as a stand-up comic to watch. In an era where we don’t get some prominent stand-up comics with few exceptions, we need people like Michele Traina to get their names out there. What’s great is when Michele asks the audience to ask about questions about their exes’ occupations and puts them in a monologue. The plumber and the data analyst are standouts.

If you are in the mood for some stand-up comedy, definitely check out Michele Traina: Divorce Diaries. You’ll get some much needed laughs if you are having a bad day….it’s worth it.


An Amazon Prime Original. Director: Danny Reyes. Producers: Michele Traina, David Vox Mullen, and Danny Reyes. Writer: Michele Traina. Cinematography: Kevin Nguyen.

Cast: Michele Traina.