This horror web series has some great performances from some of your favorite genre actors and each episode makes you build up to want more until the finale.

A mysterious figure calling himself the Grandmaster has set the bar for five people. They are his contestants on a new Dark Web game show called “Live or Die”. The contestants must tell the truth or they will die. In a twist, the one considered the evilest according to the viewers will actually live and the rest will die. The contestants are Hollywood producer Leilah Black, hitman Alex Terzian, Senator Sheila Larkin, former priest Stephen Bishop, and international mogul Ethan Campbell.

This web series from Joshua Butler is quite fascinating. It is a deadly psychological evaluation of five individuals who all have done something wrong and are forced to break out from under the covers and tell the truth. What’s even more interesting is, as each episode progresses, a connection between the five slowly begins to unravel. The title is appropriately named because of an amazing use of ref and black filters as a means of showing the intensity these four must endure.

The cast is comprised of some genre actors you may recognize. Brooke Lewis Bellas, who also serves as a producer, plays Leilah Black, who is seen as a producer who will do anything to please her clientele and she is scared from the beginning. The Hills Have Eyes’ Susan Lanier plays the stalwart Senator Larkin and does a great job at first being angry only to slowly crack under the pressure as the series goes on. From the moment he appears, Stephen Bishop, played by Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare’s Ricky Dean Logan is already buckling. The Vampire Diaries’ David Alpay puts on mainly a strong front as Armenian assassin Alex, only to eventually crack as well. If anything, despite the pressure, Noah Blake’s Ethan comes out the most strong-willed until it’s voting time.

There are eight episodes and they last between seven and eight minutes each, but they are totally driven by the cast as they slowly crack and discover the one element that connects them all. There is even an episode that starts as an ad from the game sponsor before the winner is revealed.

Red Rooms brings the intensity as it amps up with each episode thanks to the impressive performances from its cast. If you are into psychological horror and have at least over an hour of your time, this is one to check out.


A Philly Chick Pictures production. Director: Joshua Butler. Producer: Brooke Lewis Bellas. Writer: Joshua Butler.

Cast: Brooke Lewis Bellas, Ricky Dean Logan, David Alpay, Susan Lanier, Noah Blake.

You can see the full series on the Deep C Digital YouTube Channel.