Lindsay Lohan makes a major comeback in this holiday romantic comedy from Netflix and the husband-wife duo of Janeen and Michael Damian.

Sierra Belmont has it all. Her father is the owner of some major resorts worldwide. She is living the high life. She has a popular boyfriend, influencer Tad. And she is about to get a whirlwind surprise. When Tad plans to pop the big question to her, he does so on top of a huge mountain in town. However, as she is about to say yes, a gust of wind blows and both Sierra and Tad fall off the cliff and while Tad is okay, Sierra hits her head on a tree.

She is rescued by local B&B owner Jake Russell. However, one little problem poses. She has lost memory of who she is. Jake remembers bumping into Sierra shortly before the accident. He takes her in to his business, which is not doing so well. Soon enough, Sierra, calling herself Sarah, finds herself helping out and bonding with Jake’s daughter Avy and mother-in-law Alejandra. When Sierra’s dad and Tad begin to worry about Sierra’s whereabouts, they go on a frantic hunt to find her. Meanwhile, Sierra slowly begins to fall for Jake but what will happen when she regains her memory?

This Christmas romantic comedy has more of an emphasis on the comedy rather than the romance and it still holds up very well. The screenplay, by Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver, has the feel of the 80’s cult classic Overboard and mixes it with the Hallmark Christmas film. Both films have a similar premise: rich girl ends up with amnesia, gets a taste of reality during said amnesia, and wake up to reality and loving what transpired.

The film is a definitive comeback for Lindsay Lohan. The former child star makes a wonderful turn as the rich Sierra. Despite her love of the glamorous life, there has been something deep within her that makes her not want to follow in her father’s footsteps. Legendary soap opera actor Jack Wagner is great to see as Sierra’s business minded father, one who clearly has a heart of gold. You can tell when he has to reject Jake’s offer to help with his slowly failing B&B that he feels kind of bad. He also is concerned for Sierra when it comes to her relationship with the pompous influencer Tad, hilariously played by George Young.

Tad’s post-accident journey is quite the fun subplot as we see him bond with a recluse who loves to go ice fishing, Ralph, played by Sean Dillingham. However, the big surprise comes in the form of the William “Bus” Riley’s chestnut vendor, who could actually be a certain jolly icon as he tends to come in at just the right moments and spread that Christmas spirit. The slow romantic tension between Sierra/Sarah and Jake is quite worth the wait and the film has a predictable and still, heart-warming, finale.

Falling for Christmas is definitely one of the go-to holiday films of 2022, with an impressive comeback performance for Lindsay Lohan, the Overboard feel, and the heartwarming moments all around.


Netflix presents a Motion Picture Corporation of America production in association with Riviera Films. Director: Janeen Damian. Producers: Michael Damian and Brad Krevoy. Writers: Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver. Cinematography: Graham Robbins. Editing: Kristi Shimek.

Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner, Olivia Perez, Alejandra Flores, Sean Dillingham, William “Bus” Riley.