Bruce Willis returns in this second installment of Edward Drake’s action franchise, this time around set on the Holiday season.

Due to his actions against a group of bank robbers during Halloween, former detective James Knight has been sentenced to prison in New York City. He decides to lay low and keep to himself. Meanwhile, one of the robbers, Casey Rhodes, is also serving time. This all happens as a bombing occurs at a local bank, led by a group of people dressed in Santa Claus suits. However, the man who was once the mastermind behind the bombings, former soldier Ricky, is behind bars with Knight and Casey.

Ricky decides to orchestrate a jailbreak to continue his work as he feels people do not know the true meaning of Christmas and his only way to teach the lesson is through violence. When the plan is executed, in a moment of desperation, Casey joins Ricky and his group in hopes to see his family again. However, when NYPD chief Shea learns of the plan, she gives Knight a chance to earn his badge back. Should he successfully capture and not kill Ricky, he will be free and back on the force. However, Knight may have to rely on the last person he expects: his former partner Fitzgerald, now in a wheelchair because of Casey.

With the release of the earlier Detective Knight: Rogue, set on Halloween, it is quite interesting to see this second installment set on the Christmas holiday. In what is set to be the last film franchise for the recently retired Bruce Willis, we don’t get to see Willis as much as one would expect in a titular role. The film focuses more on its supporting cast and yet somehow, when we see Willis, he makes quite an impact. Whether he’s talking like a badass to his former partner and the assistant DA or getting in on some of the action, Willis makes the most of his role as the titular Detective Knight.

Lochlyn Munro is excellent as Knight’s friend and former partner Fitzgerald and he comes from Los Angeles to the City That Never Sleeps, wheelchair and all. He has a moral compass that’s compromised when he learns that Casey, the man who put him in his situation now, may end up becoming a viable asset when he learns Ricky’s plan and plans to somehow gain his freedom by switching teams. Beau Mirchoff does a great return as the conflicted Casey Rhodes, who like Knight, is willing to redeem himself by making his impulsive reaction turn into a mission of infiltration.

Paul Johansson seems to have a knack for playing villains when it calls for it. With stints in Martial Law II: Undercover, Beverly Hills 90210, and One Tree Hill, he is the perfect casting choice for Ricky, the Christmas Bomber. He seems to play the bad guy who turns up the charm because as we are introduced to Ricky, he seems likable. But once his true colors pop up, then comes the slick villain side of Ricky and who better than Johansson to pull it off as he is the definition of a “villain actor”. A third and final installment is set for early 2023.

Detective Knight: Redemption is a wild fun holiday action film with Bruce Willis doing what he does best in his limited screen time. However, thanks to a supporting cast with an amazing villain actor in Paul Johansson, this is an action treat worth checking out.


Lionsgate presents a BondIt Media Capital production. Director: Edward Drake. Producer: Corey Large. Writers: Edward Drake and Corey Large. Cinematography: Laffrey Witbrod. Editing: Justin Williams.

Cast: Bruce Willis, Lochlyn Munro, Paul Johansson, Beau Mirchoff, John Cassini, Miranda Edwards, Corey Large.

The film will be released in select theaters, On Demand, and Digital on December 9.