A group of journalists uncovering a mystery get more than they bargain for in Sweden’s answer to The Blair Witch Project.

In a small town, Ulrika Jonsson and her baby daughter went missing. Jonsson’s body was found days later but the baby was still missing. Police determined the baby presumed dead as well and the investigation is over. However, Ola Nördqvist, a top-notch journalist, knows there is more to the story. Hired by WP, he assembles a team to help him investigate the mystery of Jonsson’s death and the baby’s disappearance. His team includes newspaper journalist Linn Söderqvist, whose reputation stands out, and camera operators Yazmin Mazdaki and Joakim Lind.

When the team arrives to the town, they are met by Therese, who serves as their driver and promises to meet them two days later after they decide to camp in the woods. However, before the trip, they meet Michael Lund, Jonsson’s partner and baby’s father. He tells the group he was searching in the woods but lost his dog in the process. That night, the group camps out and the next day, Joakim goes missing. As the other three search for Joakim, they discover something terrifying that could be connected to Jonsson’s death, and it is something they never imagined.

Found footage horror films have been quite a trend with The Blair Witch Project being the catalyst of the genre. While there have been films like Paranormal Activity and others making waves in the genre, this film from Carl Sundström does something a little different. They combine the found footage and turn it into a documentary style horror film. It is as if they took TBWP and meshed it with Curse of the Blair Witch, a “documentary” concept with interviews with actors who played known associates of the film’s core trio.

The cast is great in this with Signe Elgin-Nowak and Isabel Camacho giving excellent performances both in the found footage and documentary footage as Linn and Yasmin. Jonas Lundström brings in a suave yet at times creepy factor as Ola. While he is the one put in charge of the assignment, there are things throughout the film that may make the viewer question his motives. This especially comes the way he tends to flirt with Yasmin. If anything, Cristian Åsvik’s Joakim is the level-headed member of the group. Not only is he married, but he is the one who makes first discovery of something terrifying when his boom mike picks up some strange noise in the woods.

The third act, which is set after Joakim’s disappearance goes a route that is both expected and unexpected. It’s clear from the documentary style footage that someone else isn’t going to make it. However, it is the events and the aftermath of that lead to this that is quite shocking. While it may bring to mind a sense of predictability, it is the execution of how this all plays out that brings a sense of shock value and holds up very well.

Reportage November is a very intense look at what starts out as an investigation and becomes something much more sinister. Signe Elgin-Nowak and Isabel Camacho deliver emotional performances in this chilling film.


A Spying Moth Entertainment/NPE Productions film. Director: Carl Sundström. Producers: Carl Sundström, Nathaniel P. Erlandsson, Simon Tuonisto, and Erik Sundström. Writers: Carl Sundström and Nathaniel P. Erlandsson. Cinematography: Mikaela Stenström. Editing: Carl Sundström

Cast: Signe Elgin-Nowak, Jonas Lundström, Isabel Camacho, Cristian Åsvik, Camilla Westman, Johannes Yachouh, Marianna Ilona.

The film is out on Digital October 14.