A cop’s holiday becomes the worst of his life in this horror film that can be best described as Buried meets Tremors.

Danny is a police officer who is spending Thanksgiving with my uncle Bill. When Bill introduced Danny to a car he is planning to fix up, Danny is all for it. However, when Bill is bitten by a strange worm-like creature, it is something they have never seen before. Danny decides to reach out to his estranged girlfriend Gwen about it. Despite Gwen’s objections to Bill, she decides to help him and takes the creature to a lab.

While working on the car, a massive earthquake hits and Danny’s legs are pinned under the car while Bill succumbs after he is completely pinned under. Danny finds himself alone and to make things worse, another of the creatures has emerged. When Gwen’s attempts to reach out to Danny first prove futile, when she does reach him, he has been bitten by the creature and now, he has three hours to escape and send for help. However, as the waiting game emerges, Danny learns some shocking discoveries that are set to change his life forever. Can he survive this ordeal or will the toxin prove to be too much?

After his cult classic D-Railed, director Dale Fabrigar was all ready to get back into the world of horror. Inspired by the Ryan Reynolds-led claustrophobic film Buried, writer Tricia Aurand came onboard to pen a script that would mesh elements of the atmosphere horror film and the creature feature. With Fabrigar fine tuning a few things in the script, this is one of those films filled with tension, a bit of comic humor as a set up to what’s next, and the insanity that emerges as we join our lead in this film.

Joseph Almani is excellent in the role of police officer Danny, whose job has resulted in a estrangement between himself and girlfriend Gwen, played by Karlee Eldridge (who bears a little resemblance to Miley Cyrus). Danny is the driving force of the film as he finds himself partways pinned under a car when a massive earthquake hits. There, he becomes someone who must survive hard because not only is there barely any cell signal, but to make things worse, a deadly worm-like creature comes from under the ground and Danny now fend off against the monster, whose neurotoxins can kill within hours. Almani exudes some great tension for most of the film as he tries to do what it takes to survive.

Making the most of his role as Uncle Bill is the legendary Michael Pare. For the first act of the film, we see Almani and Pare play each other off very well, ribbing each other and drinking some beers. They show a natural chemistry that works quite well here. Pare also comes in at a pivotal moment when Danny begins to feel hallucinations due to the neurotoxins from the creature when he is bitten. This is quite a very tense scene as it shows why Pare is one of th best in the business hands down.

They Crawl Beneath is very tense and exciting thriller that meshes the claustrophobic thriller with the creature feature. With Joseph Almani in the driver’s seat, this is a film definitely worth watching.


Well Go USA presents a BBMG Entertainment/Film Mode/Suzanne de Laurentiis Productions film. Director: Dale Fabrigar. Producers: Stephen Hornyak, Neil Goetz, and Suzanne de Laurentiis. Writer: Tricia Aurand. Cinematography: Maricela Mendez. Editing: Dale Fabrigar and Jeremy Inman.

Cast: Joseph Almani, Karlee Eldridge, Michael Pare.