Stephen Lang and Marc Senter churn out some amazing chemistry in this tense dialogue film from director Lucky McKee.

At a cabin in the middle of the woods, an eccentric old man wakes up and searches for his dog. However, his search is interrupted when there’s a knock on his cabin. Upon answering, the old man meets a young hiker who seems to have gotten lost. He introduces himself as Joe. At first, the old man is hesitant towards Joe because of his sudden appearance at the cabin. However, the old man realizes Joe could help bring the one factor the old man needs, someone to talk to.

The old man tells Joe a story about a Bible salesman who came to the cabin one day. The old man wasn’t convinced about the salesman, so he did something very sinister. Joe is stunned to hear what the old man did but is somewhat relieved to hear the outcome. Meanwhile, Joe tells a story of his own. He met a teacher who changed his life forever and he married her and moved from his town to be with her, but they had a fight, and it didn’t end so well. As Joe and the old man get into a war of words, who will come out on top?

Based on his play, screenwriter Joel Veach has come up with an interesting film that is set as a dialogue between the titular old man, who is nameless, and a young hiker named Joe. From the moment Joe walks in, it becomes a war of words between the two and kudos goes to director Lucky McKee for having this great vision of this dialogue as if we are watching a play come to life.

The reason, or rather, reasons to see this movie is the excellent chemistry between Stephen Lang and Marc Senter. Lang once again shines with playing an eccentric elderly man. Lang couldn’t be more perfectly cast as he channels his energy from the Don’t Breathe films but without the killing. It’s more of a character study, or studies between these two characters. Lang’s intro comes in right away and he gives a monologue where he’s trying to find his dog and tells the audience what he will do if he finds him.

Despite their limited appearances due to the focus being on Lang and Senter, kudos must go out to Patch Darragh and Liana Wright-Mark. Darragh plays a Bible salesman who comes to the cabin and the old man tells Joe about his interaction with him, which gets a little bit sinister along the way when he tells the young hiker what exactly he did to him to ensure he was a true believer. On Joe’s side, he introduces us to his wife, played by Wright-Mark, who is rightly described as someone who has eyes to die for. Then once the intensity really amps up, it leads to a very shocking finale.

Old Man is a very tense thriller that serves as a play come to life with Stephen Lang and Marc Senter at the center with their brilliant performances. If you love Lang’s work, then you have to see this film and Marc Senter is definitely one to watch out for as well.


RLJE Films presents a Paper Street Productions/Blood Oath production in association with Rubicon Entertainment and Title Media. Director: Lucky McKee. Producers: Marc Senter, Aaron B. Koontz, Cameron Burns, and Ashleigh Snead. Writer: Joel Veach. Cinematography: Alex Vendler. Editing: Zach Passero.

Cast: Stephen Lang, Marc Senter, Patch Darragh, Liana Wright-Mark.

The film will be released in select theaters, On Demand, and Digital on October 14.