Dolph Lundgren commands a final mission for Germany’s naval forces in this WWII-set film from writer-director Steven Luke.

It is 1945. World War II is near its end. While the American naval forces have all but obliterated the Nazi regime, Germany has come up with a final mission that could make or break the Third Reich and its rule. The naval forces have developed a missile-filled submarine with the intent to unleash this attack on the last of the American naval forces. They call it Operation Seawolf. When the American navy, led by Commander Race Ingram, learns of the new mission, he goes through any means to stop the submarine.

Captain Hans Kessler has been put in charge of Operation Seawolf. A veteran who has mixed feelings about following Der Führer himself, Kessler intends to ensure the mission’s success. However, as he and his new crew make their way underwater, something slowly begins to emerge. A conspiracy involving one of the Germans finds himself responsible when the U.S. Navy, but soon enough, the submarine has reached New York in a last-ditch effort. Who will prevail in this final mission?

When it comes to World War II cinema, especially in Hollywood and even indie films, most of these films take the point of the view of the American forces. What writer-director Steven Luke pulled off is quite novel in the fact we get to see the duality when it comes to point of view. We get mainly the POV of the German naval forces, who have come up with a final desperate mission to stop the U.S. Navy while we get the Navy’s attempts at the defensive and counterattack.

The film is elevated from a pretty good ensemble cast. Dolph Lundgren is great as Commander Kessler, a broken German officer who seeks redemption through the titular mission. When we see Kessler get informed about the mission, it’s clear he isn’t exactly loyal to Hitler as he refuses to give the salute. However, he proves his loyalty on and off throughout the film as we see him lead the charge against the American naval forces and it’s clear Luke wanted to give the oceans a level playing field.

On the American front, we have Frank Grillo leading the charge from the land as Commander Ingram who gets informed of the mission. On the sea front, Hiram A. Murray is excellent in the role of Captain Gravely, who must evade the German submarine. What is interesting is that we see both sides deal with some of the subordinates going through some ordeals and fear involving the mission. One standout is Andrew Stecker’s Lt. Reinhardt, who after a U-Boat is destroyed, blames himself and at one point, even tried to find a way to take charge only to realize what a mistake it would be.

Operation Seawolf does something interesting in showing a level playing field between two opposing factions during World War II. While this is an indie film, the fact we see a duality of POVs stand out with a pretty good ensemble cast in the mix.


Shout! Factory and VMI Worldwide presents a Schuetzle Company Productions film. Director: Steven Luke. Producers: Steven Luke, Todd Lundbohm, and Andre Relis. Writer: Steven Luke. Cinematography: Joseph Loeffler.Editing: Katerina Valenti.

Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Frank Grillo, Hiram A. Murray, Andrew Stecker, Apostolos Gliarmis, Aaron Courteau, Cody Fleury, Luke Steinborn, Darrin Barber, Anthony Robertson, Seth C. Murray.

The film will be released in theaters and On Demand on October 7 and on Digital on October 25.