This shot-on-video outing from writer/director Jonathan Mumm would result as a pioneering film for a creature that has appeared in many films since; the Mexican legend of the Chupacabra.

A mysterious presence has emerged and begun to wreak havoc. When a detective investigates a series of brutal crimes and murders, he is told that the one responsible may be a monster known as the Chupacabra. In Mexican mythology, the creature is known as a vampire who would suck the blood out of its victims, primarily goats hence its name. Meanwhile, Randy, a young man whose mother and grandfather may end up losing their house is shocked to learn his greedy landlord is a victim.

When a bar bully threatens local singer Sue Ramsey, she is rescued by wandering gold prospector and adventurer Kurt Rod. When Kurt learns from waitress Linda Trent that she knows someone who has a map to the possible gold, it is revealed to be Randy. As Linda’s boyfriend, Randy tells her it is his grandfather Charles who had the map because years ago, he was looking for gold and he had encountered the Chupacabra, which left in a state of depression. Charles soon finds himself deciding to help Randy and Linda stop the Chupacabra when some of its victims become vampiric slaves. With the help of an old lady, The Mago DeMarco, an expert in the field, the group of locals are armed and ready to take back their town the mythical Chupacabra.

Before 2003, the Chupacabra was a thing of legend, but there weren’t many if at all any films that would revolve around the vampiric creature of Mexican legend. Enter Jonathan Mumm, who worked primarily in local news in Sacramento who decided after hearing about the legend, decides to make a film about the monster. This would be a pioneering film for the legendary creature as today, there are more films revolving around Chupacabra.

Most of the film’s cast are newcomers to film, mainly friends of Mumm’s. For some strange reason, for a SOV film, they do a pretty good job on the film. As the sometimes hot-headed hero Randy, we see Dan Leis make the most of his role as an unlikely hero who go to great lengths to protect those he cares about. Rachel Sense does well as Linda’s Randy’s girlfriend who out of respect for his actions, decides to help the marvelously-named adventurer Kurt Rod, played by the director himself. Mumm’s wife Roberta plays bar singer Sue, who takes a liking for Kurt after he fends off a bar bully obsessed with her. As for Lenore Sebastian’s character of The Mago, she brings in a performance with a perfect voice resemblance to the classic horror legend Maria Ouspenskaya of The Wolf Man fame. A sequel would be released two years later.

Blood of the Chupacabras is a fun SOV film that pays homage to the creature feature and became a pioneering film in the presence of the titular beast as a bonafide horror movie creature. A fun film to check out thanks to the crew at Visual Vengeance.


Visual Vengeance presents a California Postcard production. Director: Jonathan Mumm. Producers: Hugh McChord, Jonathan Mumm, and Dave Novick. Writer: Jonathan Mumm. Cinematography: Dave Novick. Editing: Jonathan Mumm and John Alexander Jimenez.

Cast: Dan Leis, Rachel Trent, Loren Taylor, Lenore Sebastian, Roberta Mumm, Elaine Benoit, Mark Halverson, Jonathan Mumm, Hugh McChord, Kevin Hale, Jim Lane.

The film is being released on a Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray on September 27 and will also be released in a double-feature with its 2005 sequel Revenge of the Chupacabras from Visual Vengeance.