Over the years, technology and industry have been a major force in changing the world. This documentary takes a look at the next generation of places where technology and industry along with other factors are striving as the new places of the future.

Tel-Aviv, Israel has been nicknamed “Silicon Wadi” as technology has thrived there and the worlds of cybersecurity has increased along with a sense of inclusivity among the communities today. Nairobi, Kenya’s e-commerce trade and internet connectivity has improved tremendously. Dundee, Scotland has become a major force in the world of e-sports, video games, and more. The worlds of working remotely and virtual space have greatly improved. Kochi, India has become a force in combining technology with sustainability. Atlanta, Georgia’s technology has become one of the latest hi-tech places in the U.S.A.

Produced by company Cognizant, this is a riveting look at the world of technology and its improvements and how in the unlikeliest of cities, they are becoming the places of the future. With your host Desmond Dickerson, both he and Caroline Styr head to these various places and interview business owners and people who have contributed to technology and its advances in their respected areas.

Some of the highlights involve the creation of the piano-training program JoyTunes and AIDoc, which specializes in the advances in medical technology in Tel-Aviv. In Nairobi, the use of e-commerce can be used to pay for simple things in supermarkets if one forgets cash and/or cards. In Dundee, a developer creates a game for kids with cystic fibrosis who uses their breaths to play the game and help them at the same time. Kochi’s Cochin Airport is the first fully solar-powered airport, thanks to its hybrid of technology and sustainability. The film feels like a film that one would see in a college database or one of those films from education company Films for the Humanities and Sciences.

Places of the Future is a riveting look at technology and in advancements in the unlikeliest of places. It is great to see how the world of technology advances everywhere. If you’re a techie, then you need to see this.


Random Media presents a Cognizant production. Directors: Harry Lawson, Bill Darmon, and Christopher Ernst. Producers: Desmond Dickerson and Caroline Styr. Writers: Ben Pring, Rob Brown, Desmond Dickerson, and Caroline Styr. Editing: Samuel J. Sacks.

Cast: Desmond Dickerson, Caroline Stye.