Two guys are about to have the worst day of their lives in this shot-on-video rarity from Blake and Brent Cousins.

On their way to work, construction workers Blake and Joe are on their way to work. However, upon their arrival at the job, they see a fellow worker with a cut-off arm. They soon learn that Jones, one of the workers, is responsible. Jones has been possessed due to reading the Necronomicon and with the assistance of a gas mask, Jones has felt the power of the Devil. Blake and Joe do their best to stop Jones and when the duo learn it is the book that has caused it, there is only one thing they can do about it.

When they confront Jones, they are able to chop him up in many pieces and plan to take his body and bury it separately. However, they are stopped by two other workers who have found the gas mask and decide to do some evil bidding. Successfully, the two workers take Jones’ dismembered body and have resurrected him using the Necronomicon. Now, Blake and Joe must do whatever it takes to stop Jones and his cohorts by all means necessary.

Visual Vengeance, the sister label of Wild Eye Releasing, have given us another rare shot-on-video treat. This time, it comes courtesy of the Cousins Brothers, Blake and Brent, known for their 2007 horror film Rising Dead and their 2021 documentary Countdown to Disclosure: The Secret Technology Behind the Space Force. This 58-minute SOV horror film is their debut film and looks to be inspired by the classic Evil Dead.

Blake Cousins and Joe Ross are fun to watch as our heroes Blake and Joe, construction workers who find out their fellow workers are turning into homicidal lunatics due to the use of a gas mask which has some sort of power and H.R. Giger’s Necronomicon. The character of Jones is insane from the moment he is introduced, wielding a machete to kill off a fellow worker. The rest of the film involves Blake and Joe attempting to ward off Jones and eventually his two cronies, one of them a karate kicking expert.

The Cousins Brothers did an amazing job when it comes to framing shots. In scenes where body parts are to come to life, they frame it perfectly despite being an ultra lo-fi shot-on video film. That takes dedication to make it look just right. Of course, this complements the insane geysers of fake gore that come with the dismemberments. Granted, we do have some pretty good visual effects when we see Jones disappear after breathing in the power from the gas mask. Kudos to the Cousins Brothers for doing the visual effects and gore effects for this level of cinema.

Slaughter Day is a shockingly great SOV debut for the Cousins Brothers. They know exactly how to frame shots, please gorehounds, and come with an Evil Dead-inspired like story. If you are a fan of The Evil Dead films, then you’re gonna want to check out this film.


Visual Vengeance presents a Cousins Brothers/Tabu production. Director: Brent Cousins. Producers: Blake Cousins and Brent Cousins. Writers: Blake Cousins and Brent Cousins. Cinematography: Brent Cousins. Editing: Blake Cousins.

Cast: Blake Cousins, Joe Ross, Sam Bluestone, Jessie B., Kuiaka Branco, Brent Cousins, Dave Anderson.

The film is released on Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray today!