Friend Request and Triggered star Liesl Ahlers makes her directorial debut on this awareness film that focuses on a serious issue.

Motsehare is a six-year-old boy in South Africa who remembers a story of a lion and a princess. His mother, Aislinn, has fallen victim to HIV and AIDS. However, she is making the most of her final days with her son. Motsehare wonders where his name comes from and Aislinn reveals the name is the Sethoso word for “daylight”. As Motsehare remembers the story of a princess locked in a tower, the princess sees the sun set and when she awakens, there’s daylight. Even with his mother succumbing to the disease, Motsehare sees hope.

Co-written, produced, and directed by Liesl Ahlers, this film brings awareness that many children in Africa have been orphaned and forced to live on the streets because the HIV/AIDS epidemic has caused the parents of these young ones to pass away. To shed some light on the issue in terms of the film, Ahlers herself takes the role of Aislinn, the mother of the titular Motsehare, excellently played by young Siphesilhe Kunene. Kunene does an amazing job of narrating the story and his scenes with Ahlers are so heartwarming and yet heartbreaking when we see Aislinn in her final stages.

Running at just over six-minutes, those who have heart and soul should check out Daylight. Liesl Ahlers makes a great directorial debut and with her range of talent, here’s to hoping she’ll get a chance to direct a dramatic feature down the road.


Director: Liesl Ahlers. Producer: Liesl Ahlers. Writers: Liesl Ahlers and Leanie Oberholzer. Cinematography: Ebert Steyn. Editing: Johann Gouws and Ebert Steyn.

Cast: Siphesihle Kunene, Liesl Ahlers.

You can see the full film below:

For more information on Lebone Village, a faith-based non-profit organization in South Africa which serves as a safe haven for children orphaned due to HIV/AIDS, go to