Kevin Dillon and Bruce Willis find themselves as a major crossroads in Willis’ final shot film from director Matt Eskandari.

Justin Rosa is a former Secret Service agent turned Homeland Security agent who has left that position and today is his first day in the wire room, a specialized room where cops or agents can listen in on a federal witness. For Rosa, that witness is Irish arms smuggler Eddie Flynn, who is under house arrest. Rosa answers to Shane Mueller, a veteran HS agent who goes by a code of rules that Rosa must follow with the most important being keep Flynn alive.

When Rosa learns Eddie is involved with corrupt cops who take his partner hostage, Rosa finds himself as a crossroads. After attempting to contact Deputy Sheriff Roberts, Rosa soon learns that Roberts himself is the mastermind behind the attempt to get rid of Flynn. Forced with no other choice, Rosa makes contact with Flynn, which angers Mueller. Soon enough, Rosa and Flynn find themselves in separate areas, but forced to work together. Will Flynn be able to handle his composure to stay alive with Rosa’s help? Or is something else in store for this duo?

With only a few films left in his filmography prior to his retirement in January 2022, Bruce Willis is thriving on his final works with this film reuniting with director Matt Eskandari, who directed Willis in 2020’s Hard Kill. In a bittersweet note, this would be the final film Willis would shoot before his retirement and yet, he still has three films in post after this one.

While it may be seen as one of Willis’ last films, the real star of the film is Kevin Dillon. He is excellent in a contained environment, something similar in the recently released Hot Seat. Here, Dillon plays another man with a past, in this case former Secret Service agent Justin Rosa.  Rosa left the Secret Service because he finds it boring and is looking for a job with more action. Who would have thought his first day on the new job would entail plenty of action. Dillon once again shines and with Willis serving as his superior, who comes in and out of the film only to come at the right moment in the third act, the duo of actors once again shines from their last collaboration, Wes Miller’s A Day to Die.

While Oliver Trevena’s Eddie Flynn is an arms smuggler and lead of a cartel, he is seen more as an anti-hero here. As the client who must stay alive, Flynn brings a sort of Conor McGregor vibe to the role as an arrogant kind of douchey type of character who finds himself in a major issue. The real villains are corrupt cops led by Deputy Sheriff Roberts, played by an actor with another awesome name, Texas Battle. This is the name of an actor who should be an action hero, but Battle is known more for his roles as bullies or scummy characters. However, Battle still makes quite a villain here as he attempts to get to both Flynn and Rosa on his terms.

Wire Room is a pretty good indie action film set in a contained environment. Kevin Dillon does a good job of carrying the film and once again, Bruce Willis makes the most of his skills in what is his swan song in terms of shooting. Definitely worth checking out.


Lionsgate and Grindhouse Entertainment present an Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films in association with Herrick Entertainment, Five Point Films, and Three Point Capital. Director: Matt Eskandari. Producers: Randall Emmett, George Furla, Norton Herrick, Noel Ashman, Caesar Richbow, and Mark Stewart. Writer: Brandon Stiefer.  Cinematography: Will Barratt. Editing: Chris Patterson.

Cast: Kevin Dillon, Bruce Willis, Oliver Trevana, Texas Battle, Shelby Cobb, Amber Townsend, Adam Huel Potter, John D. Hickman, Larken Woodward, Bradford Norris.

The film will be released in select theaters, VOD, and Digital on September 2.