Two best friends find both themselves and their friendship at a crossroads in a day of moving in this funny comedy from Ben Rood.

Ryan and Chad have been best friends since high school, and they are somewhat skeptical about attending their reunion. Ryan still has feelings for an ex who broke his heart while Chad was a former firefighter who left the job and has a cavalier attitude. The two friends work for a company called Movers Ultimate and both are supposed to have a short day to attend the reunion. However, their boss Kurt has other plans for them as they have assigned a job to move furniture from the house of a recent divorcee.

Ryan is informed by Kurt that an assistant supervisor position is in the works and suggests he should consider it. Ryan feels bad because Chad would want the job as well. When Ryan and Chad head to Meredith’s house, they learn she has more than she had informed the company. With help from newcomer Kip and a few young movers, the group find themselves in a series of mishaps and this leads to Ryan and Chad coming to grips with each other both together and individually. Will they overcome their issues and keep their friendship going?

In the midst of a chaotic world, there are times when you need to escape and just enjoy a feel-good comedy. Ben Rood wrote and directed this comedy revolving around two best friends who work a somewhat humdrum job and are dealing with past issues. The title refers to the name of the moving company they work for and while most of the focus is on our two friends, there are some minor characters that add some hilarious flavor to the plot, most of which is set in the house of a divorcee as they move the furniture out.

Shawn Knox and Andy J. Carlson are perfectly cast in the roles of best friends Ryan and Chad. While they are best friends and have such great chemistry together, we see Ryan and Chad have their own individual problems. For Ryan, it is getting over an ex who plans to see him at an upcoming reunion and yet, he has had issues with her in the past. For Chad, it is keeping up a façade of acting super tough and lashing out because deep down, he has an issue he never has gotten over. Their supervisor Kurt is a cross between Bill Lumbergh and Ned Flanders with his personality who urges Ryan to take the new assistant supervisor position much to the possible chagrin of Chad, who hopes to one day be a boss.

Annalese Poorman’s Meredith has got to be one of the most insane characters in a movie. She is the client the movers are working for in the film. Throughout the movie, she shows a neurotic side that makes the movers question her mental state. Perhaps it is because she hasn’t exactly gotten the reality check that she is going through a divorce, and she doesn’t know exactly how to face it. Sé Marie is the most levelheaded of Meredith’s kids, who is there to help with the move and seems to have a connection of sorts with Ryan while Chaney Morrow’s Denny is somewhat creepy and well, is more interested in well, making a mess, but a certain kind only suitable in this brand of comedy.

Movers Ultimate is a pretty fun look at friendship in the world of furniture moving. Shawn Knox and Andy J. Carlson are the driving force of the film as they have that “bromance” intact with some laugh out loud moments.


A Roundhouse Flicks production. Director: Ben Rood. Producer: Ben Rood. Writer: Ben Rood. Cinematography: Jeff Kolada. Editing: Ben Rood.

Cast: Shawn Knox, Andy J. Carlson, Annelese Poorman, Sé Marie, Chaney Morrow, Grant Kennedy Lewis, Angela Coburn, Cameron Hollstegge, Jeremy Farley.