Recently having her feature film Kung Fu Ghost released, this film is one of Jennifer Linch’s short films and this is a great one to enjoy.

Trained as an assassin, Lily has decided to leave her former life behind. However, having been crossed by the syndicate who trained her, she embarks on a mission of revenge. Together with fellow assassins Azalea and Nightshade, Lily has nearly succeeded. However, there stands one more line of defense to penetrate and his name is Mathew Thompson. Like Lily, Mathew is trained by the syndicate, but will go through any means to protect his boss.

Inspired from love of martial arts films, Jennifer Linch goes femme fatale here as the leader of a trio of female assassins trained and forced to face their past. Kind of brings films like 2002’s Naked Weapon to mind, where a top-notch female assassin escapes her trainers and embarks on a mission of revenge. Linch, along with Morgan Macedo and Donna de Muerte, spend a lot of the 14-minute short film offing the bodyguards of mob boss Hemlock.

However, it is when we see Tim Neff as Mathew that things kick into high gear. This leads to a pretty good fight scene between Neff and Linch. Neff, who also worked as a fight choreographer, is quite impressive. In a way, there are some distinctive styles between the two with Linch employing more close quarter and deflection against Neff’s more offensive kicking prowess and joint lock maneuvers. There is a nice little twist to end the film and has an open end for what could have been or could be a follow up.

Flowers of the Night is a 13-minute pretty good film filled with amazing black and white/blood red visuals and a nice fight scene between Tim Neff and writer/director Jennifer Linch.


A Sunshine Pictures production. Director: Jennifer Linch. Producer: John Paul Ouvrier. Writer: Jennifer Linch. Cinematography: Michael Foster. Editing: Michael Foster.

Cast: Tim Neff, Jennifer Linch, John Paul Ouvrier, Morgan Macedo, Donna de Muerte.

You can see the full movie down below: