The science of addiction meshes with the rise, fall, and redemption of one of the biggest names in 1990s B-action films in this very informative documentary.

Jeff Wincott was a major player in action films during the 1990s. It was at the height of his fame that he tried drugs for the first time, and it led to a near-fatal overdose in 1998. After suffering alcoholism and drug use for a few more years, Wincott has decided to give it all up. Why did he suffer from addiction? We get a first look hand on the effects of addiction, why do we get addicted, what happens when it comes to addiction, and what are the consequences of addiction. For Jeff Wincott, it was a road to not only recovery, but it would be the just the beginning of redemption.

After his return to lead roles with The Issue with Elvis earlier this year, we now get a look at what had happened to Jeff Wincott, who was one of the big names in 1990s-era B-action films. We learn that while he has had bouts drinking, but nothing serious, it was when he started taking cocaine that things began to spiral down for the action star. Eventually, his career was at a standstill and after a near-fatal overdose, fought addiction only to finally overcome it.

Now clean and sober for the past near two decades, with the support of his wife Charlotte (who directed the film), Wincott hopes to bring a message about the effects of addictions in hopes to help someone who is in need. He also talked about how his life really changed after the birth of his son, Wolfgang (who co-stars with his dad in The Issue with Elvis) and what he has been up to in terms on acting and now producing and how his sobriety made him a whole new person and one who will embrace what comes his way.

The film not only tells us Wincott’s story but gives a look at the science behind addiction. Narrations from other specialists give us a first look hand at what happens when you are addicted and why you are addicted to various things, including alcohol, drugs, and even other addictions. Jeff reads us a letter from his former trainer that pretty much describes the idea of recovery, how the mind and body must become one to overcome the obstacles in your life, including addiction and how to overcome it. To combine learning about addiction with the story of someone who has had a firsthand experience with it is such a riveting subject for a documentary. It’s a realistic study of both a science and someone who has experienced that science.

Fall Fight Shine is a great title as it is a 3-step phase…you fall from addiction and realize you need help, you fight against the addiction, and then once you’ve had that help and are ready to start your life anew, you will shine. Not only will you get a full understanding about the world of addiction, but Jeff Wincott’s story should and hopefully will inspire one who may be in a similar situation to get the help they need to recover and be free from their own addictions.


A Hollow Metropolis Films production. Director: Charlotte Wincott. Producers: Charlotte Wincott and Jeff Wincott. Cinematography: Charlotte Wincott. Editing: Charlotte Wincott.

Cast: Jeff Wincott.

If you or anyone you know has an addiction to substance use or suffers from mental health, please go to for information on how you can get the help and resources you need to overcome addiction. As Jeff Wincott says in this documentary, “You are not perfect. I am not perfect. I have to just keep trying. Keep trying, one day at a time” …and you can too. Keep trying one day at a time. Words of inspiration.