A legendary monster invades suburbia in this SOV horror film from the mind of Dave Wascavage.

When a couple drives through the woods, they are brutally attacked by a sasquatch, who ultimately dismembers and kills them. Rangers John Rush and Steve Parker take the case and reporter Rick Harlan, having heard stories about the creature, wants to cover the story. However, the rangers refuse to let Harlan in on any information revolving around the recent killings. Meanwhile, the creature begins another killing spree.

Talia, a Native American warrior, has learned of the sasquatch sightings and knowing its lore, decides she must find the beast and stop it. As the sasquatch not only kills, but kidnaps random women, Rick and Talia soon realize that despite their different intentions, they have to team up to take it down. Because now, the sasquatch has left the woods and has reached the suburbs to continue its killing spree.

While the SOV (shot-on-video) film dominated much of the 1980s and 1990s, the early 2000s marked practically the end of its popularity along with the fact there were many CGI effects to dominate over practical effects. However, Dave Wascavage meshed the two styles for this film, which takes the legend of Bigfoot into a world outside of its home, from the woods to suburbia.

The cast makes the most of their roles and for a SOV film, do quite a pretty good job. Kudos does to Sue Lynn Sanchez’s Talia, the Native American warrior who is tasked with stopping the beast at all costs. Her first few attempts are futile, including throwing axes which the sasquatch catches onto a log, made of obvious CGI which looks hokey, but let’s face it…that’s why it’s fun to watch. She soon learns that only arrows with a sort of mystical tip can stop him.

Bill Ushler’s Rick is the journalist hellbent on getting a story about the sasquatch and risk becoming a potential victim himself. The kill scenes are a combination of gory and at times funny, but that’s totally okay and why this is a fun movie. The director himself plays a fisherman who falls victim to the beast and has his arm ripped off then thrown to hit a second fisherman so hard he dies on the impact to the lake. Another stellar kill including the sasquatch killing a band of hunters that is reminiscent of the raft massacre in The Burning and the recent bus massacre in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

If you’re in for a fun ride into the tail end of a nostalgic era, then you will enjoy Suburban Sasquatch. Writer/director Dave Wascavage bring the fun, CGI/practical gore, fun kills and unlikely heroes in this fun and wild ride!


Visual Vengeance presents a Troubled Moon Films production. Director: Dave Wascavage. Producer: Dave Wascavage. Writer: Dave Wascavage. Cinematography: Dave Wascavage. Editing: Dave Wascavage.

Cast: Sue Lynn Sanchez, Bill Ushler, Dave Bonavita, Juan Fernandez, Wes Miller, Loretta Wascavage, Dave Weldon, Dave Wascavage, Hunter Quimby, Dallas Quinn.

Visual Vengeance will release the film on Special Edition Blu-Ray on August 9.