A couple are in for the night of their lives in this thriller featuring an amazing performance from Jackie Moore in the titular role.

Anna and Oliver have just finished a loving dinner date and the duo decide to get a rideshare back to their B&B. The driver finally shows up and she is Dawn, a rideshare driver who looks to have good intentions, but has a dark side. She believes that wrongdoers deserve to get their comeuppances. Dawn follows a set of rules and tonight, it is Oliver and Anna’s time as Dawn is set to play a deadly game with them.

Dawn is convinced something isn’t right with Oliver and Anna. As if they have some skeletons in their closets that need to come out. Along the way, Dawn goes after random people and goes on a killing spree. When Dawn forces Oliver and Anna to reveal their secrets, it causes a rift between the duo. However, they are willing to go past things if it means they will have to find a way to stop Dawn before they end up next on her victims list.

At a runtime of 77 minutes, this rideshare movie would fit perfectly with last year’s film Spree. And it’s becoming clear the “rideshare driver” is soon to become a trend when it comes to sociopaths and killers in films. Where Kyle in Spree is hoping to gain an audience through his methods of killing, the titular Dawn is more about delivering swift justice to wrongdoers and she doesn’t care about YouTube views, yet we see glimpses of what could be a YouTube video where Dawn gives her rules of how she operates in fourth wall breaks.

Jackie Moore gives a very terrifying performance as the titular Dawn. As soon as we meet her, we know she is trouble from the beginning. She feels she is doing justice, but has to resort to sinister means to exact it. Eric Roberts makes a cameo in the film’s opening as a businessman who falls prey to Dawn but not before crying for his past sins. Anyone willing to make Eric Roberts cry on that level of terror definitely is worthy of getting major kudos and Moore does it with such glee and cheer. She is the definition of a femme fatale with her role here.

More known today as a director of indie action and thrillers, Jared Cohn has had his share of roles in front of the screens and here, he is great as Oliver, the husband who finds himself in turmoil when it comes to his ride with Dawn. He tries to fight off Dawn in both a mental and physical aspect, but somehow, Dawn always gets the upper hand. Sarah French’s Anna is the closest to go on a level playing field when it comes to her wits with Dawn. When Anna learns Oliver’s skeleton, she is clearly upset but knows there’s an even bigger picture in the midst. The final moments are pretty shocking and pretty good.

Dawn is a great rideshare psychological thriller that churns out an amazing performance from Jackie Moore in the titular role along with Jared Cohn and Sarah French churning out riveting performances as the couple who are the latest ride for this sociopath.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents a Furst Class Productions film. Director: Nicholas Ryan. Producer: Nicholas Ryan. Writers: Ryder Doupe, Dawson Doupe, and Todd Tapper. Cinematography: Marcus Friedlander. Editing: Dave Silver.

Cast: Jackie Moore, Jared Cohn, Sarah French, Eric Roberts, Michael Pare, Nicholas Brendan.

The film will be released on digital on August 2 from Uncork’d Entertainment