A series of misadventures featuring an ensemble cast of characters have some funny and some very disturbing moments in this French dark comedy that really pushes the envelope in one particular scene.

Olivier and Laurence are an elderly couple who have fallen so bad in debt that they are in danger of losing their house. They decide to enter a dance contest in hopes to be able to pay back some of the debt. Meanwhile, their son Alexandre is an up-and-coming attorney who has been trying to get his name known and his client is the current Financial Secretary, Stephane Lemarchande. Stephane is finding himself in serious trouble due to allegations of corruption.

Louise is a young woman who is hoping to lose her virginity but wants to find the right person. As the elderly couple moves to the second round, they are getting rave by the audiences. Stephane finds himself meeting a man who has a grudge against the government, and he finds himself unceremoniously assaulted but when the man kidnaps Louise, she will do what it takes to escape. Will Laurence and Olivier be able to get out of death? Will Alexandre help Stephane out of his pickle? Can Louise take over?

From the wacky mind of Jean-Christophe Meurisse comes this tale of interconnecting stories that start out quite lighthearted before it delves into something dark and at times disturbing. Co-written with Yohann Gloaguen and Amelie Philippe, Meurisse goes from showcasing a fun dance contest in which our elderly couple Laurence and Olivier enter and wows the crowd, gaining the attention of the judges, who are mixed in their decision as some of them support the couple while the others are not too thrilled about them.

Alexandre Steiger’s Alexandre is their son who is assigned and serves as the central connection between all the stories involved. Alexandre is the son of our dancing couple and the attorney of Stephane Lemarchande, played by Christophe Paou. Lemarchande is trying to change his image after he’s accused of committing some serious crimes, in which he relies on the green Alexandre to help him out of his troubles. Even as he witnesses what he does, Alexandre sees Lemarchande as a steppingstone to a successful career as a high-end corporate attorney.

Lilith Grasmug has a very interesting story as Louise, a young woman who is curious about losing her virginity. She finds her curiosity to get the best of her. However, things get interesting when she is kidnapped by an insane man who is introduced by feeding a pig using chopsticks. He unceremoniously does something unbelievable to Lemarchande when they meet but when this guy kidnaps Louise, it soon gets extremely dark and extremely disturbing to a point where all guys are guaranteed to be sick and grossed-out.

Bloody Oranges starts out very cute and light-hearted but then it goes wacky, dark, and disturbing. Either way, it’s a fun watch, even if it makes this reviewer go “nuts” in the third act of the film.


Dark Star Pictures presents a Rectangle/Mamma Roman production with the participation of Canal+, Cine+, and CB in association with Cofinova 17 and Cinemage 15. Director: Jean-Christophe Meurisse. Producers: Marine Bergere, Romain Daubeach, and Alice Girard. Writers: Jean-Christophe Meurisse, Yohann Gloaguen and Amelie Philippe. Cinematography: Javier Ruiz Gomez. Editing: Flora Volpeliere.

Cast: Alexandre Steiger, Christophe Paou, Lilith Grasmuth, Olivier Saladin, Lorella Cravotta, Fred Blin, Denis Pldalydes, Blanche Gardin, Celine Fuhere.