An unhinged man goes on a rampage in Drew Godderis’ shot-on-video film that’s getting a re-release from new label Visual Vengeance.

Jeff Roberts is a 19-year-old man who has suffered from mental health problems. However, he gets the biggest shock of his life when he finds out he has the AIDS virus. Convinced it is a death sentence, he originally intends to kill himself. However, after losing his job and is convinced a local hooker may be the one who gave him the virus, he decides to take syringes and fill them up with his infected blood.

After Jeff gets to the prostitute, he decides to go on a jabbing spree. Metro police detectives Stearns and Rogers are in charge of the investigation. When they learn that the AIDS virus has been transmitted, the captain agrees to keep a lid on things to avoid media attention. Meanwhile, Jeff continues his rampage of jabbing random people who get on his bad side. Will the police be able to stop the jabber before more victims fall prey?

Cult horror star Drew Godderis, best known for his role as Uncle Anwar in 1987’s Blood Diner, has come up with a film that from the title may seem like one that’s totally in bad taste. After all, shot-on-video films tend to push the envelope, and this is no different. However, while the film is classified in some circuits as a horror film, it’s more of a thriller that tackles a serious issue in the AIDS epidemic and the fact that in 1994, vaccines were in fact being developed to slow down the progression of the fatal disease.

The antagonist, Jeff Roberts, is played by an actor who has one of the coolest names ever: Jason Majik. Having played another unhinged character in martial artist Patrick in the PM Entertainment film A Dangerous Place opposite Ted Jan Roberts and Corey Feldman, here he is playing another unhinged actor. From his introduction scene, where he’s on a date, one can tell something is not all there with him. However, upon the discovery he has AIDS, it sends him on a whirlwind of revenge against society.

Marcy Lynn does a great job as Detective Rogers, one of the metro police detectives and the most active as we see her change partners. The first, Detective Stearns, leaves after doing a job for a fellow cop who is having issues with his wife’s ex-husband. The second, Detective Smithers, seems more like a bumbling detective compared to Rogers, who we see in a brief scene having issues with her work-life balance as she tries to comfort her husband and son (played by the director’s son).

There are no kill scenes in the film and there’s really not much blood, something usually expected in these shot-on-video films. The most blood in the film is either splashed on or filled in a syringe from the titular “jabber”.

L.A. Aids Jabber may sound like a film in completely poor taste, but it does bring to mind mental health combined with the seriousness of the AIDS epidemic. The final moments bring even more of a shock and will make your jaw drop.


Visual Vengeance presents a Godderis Film Ltd. Production. Director: Drew Godderis. Producer: Drew Godderis. Writer: Drew Godderis. Cinematography: Rick Bradach. Editing: John David Dagnen.

Cast: Jason Majik, Marcy Lynn, Justin Mack, Joy Yurada, Ralph De Leon, Mitzey Tony, Marcel Femine, Susan Para, Leroy Jones, Gene Webber.

Visual Vengeance will release the film on Special Edition Blu-Ray on August 9.