An underdog must find his destiny to be the hero he was meant to be in this fun-filled superhero martial arts film.

Charlie Clark is a lowly car salesman whose dealership isn’t going as planned. He has lost money and to make ends meet, he moonlights as a masked luchador called The Green Ghost. Learning some skills from his childhood friend Marco and his sister Karina, Charlie’s latest match does not go as well, forcing Marco to fight off successfully against his opponent. However, Charlie soon learns that fate has something more in store for him.

When Charlie, Marco, and Elena are attacked by a band of mysterious thugs at the dealership, Charlie learns the truth. Marco and Elena are the protectors of a green, emerald stone that holds special powers. Charlie learns that he too has the power to wield the power of the stone, but they have been long dormant. To help Charlie hone his skills, he must train with three masters as Drake, the son of the exiled Lechusa, plans to wield the stone to start an apocalypse. However, if Charlie is going to be able to wield the powers, he must become the Green Ghost.

Originally conceived in 2015, the film revolved around a superhero called The Green Ghost is finally getting the spotlight. The creation of Texas-based car dealer Charlie Clark, who bases the story on parts of his actual life story, the Green Ghost was originally conceived as a character to help boost sales for his dealerships. However, interest sparked and thus, after years of development, we finally get to see the film and it is worth the wait as it gears toward family entertainment but will also give martial arts film fans something to enjoy.

Clark himself takes on the titular role and actually pulls it off nicely as it is a role he is used to. He is the definition of the underdog as he is seen pretty much as a loser-type character whose dealership is faltering only to moonlight as a masked lunchador. For most of the film, we see Clark sport the titular costume in both the beginning and the final set pieces. However, we get to see do his best in training with three masters. Master Kane is played by MMA legend Cain Velasquez. Master Hung is played by former Jackie Chan Stunt Team lead and renowned stunt coordinator Andy Cheng. However, the main master tasked with training Charlie is drunken master Gin, played by the legend himself, Danny Trejo, who even gets to reference one of most iconic roles.

Kuno Becker is great as Marco, Charlie’s childhood friend and “brother”, who becomes more reluctant towards Charlie being the third of the heroes in charge of protecting the stone with Sofia Pernas providing support in the role of Elena, Marco’s sister. Renee Victor becomes a mentor in Nana, who is based on Clark’s real-life adoptive mother, who raised him while his parents would go on business trips. On the side of evil, there’s mastermind Lechusa, Nana’s exiled sister played by Predator’s Elpidia Carrillo but it is her son Drake who is the main villain of the film.

And who better to play the role than the martial arts powerhouse Marko Zaror? Zaror is excellent in the role of Drake, who is determined to get the stone at all costs and even at one point, shows his bratty son side and faces the wrath of Lechusa when things don’t go as planned. Zaror employs the services of some villainous henchmen, and they are played by Arnold Chon and Michelle Lee. Zaror also serves as the film’s fight choreographer and does a damn good job with the fight scenes while Zaror himself gets to showcase his skills with the best of them. Look out for WWE superstar Bobby Lashley and MMA fighter Uriah Hall in cameo appearances.

Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone is worth waiting for. It will target families who want a good popcorn flick and those who love martial arts action will enjoy Marko Zaror’s fight choreography.  A true underdog turned hero story for all ages.


Gravitas Ventures presents a Mutt Productions in association with Zaror Productions. Director: Michael D. Olmos. Producers: Karen E. Goulekas, Nicolas Ibieta, Brandon Keropian Olmos, Aaron Lee Lopez, Michael D. Olmos, David Rodriguez, Mario Ricardo Sanchez, and Marko Zaror. Writers: Charlie Clark, Michael D. Olmos, and Brian Douglas. Cinematography: Amza Moglan. Editing: Ernesto Diaz Espinoza and Mo Stoebe.

Cast: Charlie Clark, Kuno Becker, Sofia Pernas, Renee Victor, Danny Trejo, Andy Cheng, Cain Velasquez, Marko Zaror, Elpidia Carrillo, Arnold Chon, Michelle Lee.

The film will be released on VOD on June 28, 2022.