In the vein of The Blair Witch Project and The Shining, Isaac Rodriguez unleashes this pretty good film of a couple in a ghost town.

Matt and Jenna Sanders have taken a major gamble. Selling all of their stuff, they decide to buy a ghost town called Blackwood Falls. Jenna is a bit reluctant, but Matt is determined to make the sale happen. As Matt and Jenna look around the town, they have heard stories about a series of deaths that had happened in the town many years ago. While the stories scare Jenna and makes her want to think twice, Matt is determined to keep the town.

After the sale, Matt invites his cousin Justin and Justin’s girlfriend Lisa to the town and Jenna is still reluctant. At night, Matt begins to hear strange noises and discovers the saloon’s piano is playing by itself. When an investor decides to pull out when he had heard about a recent series of murders, Matt is pushed over the edge as does Jenna when she learns Matt has lost everything and the couple are stuck in the town. Matt decides to keep things going and slowly goes into a descent of madness. Will Jenna be able to find a way out of the town and save her husband?

What looks like a found footage film goes the Blair Witch Project route where we have a minimal cast of characters playing roles but somehow Isaac Rodriguez makes this extremely convincing in the vein of BWP. Isaac Rodriguez must have studied that film as well as other films to show how to achieve his film and with a runtime of only 65 minutes, there is no slow pacing here. It is timed perfectly as the tension builds up with the cast giving convincing performances.

Andrew C. Fisher is the highlight of the film as husband Matt, who is a YouTuber who is excited to share his news with the public about purchasing the ghost town, both in a figurative and literal sense. As the film progresses, we see some of Matt’s past demons catch up to him and thus, slowly turning him into someone along the lines of Jack Torrance in The Shining. Mandy Rubio channels her inner Shelley Duvall as Jenna, who is concerned about Matt’s behavior from the beginning. She is clearly aware of his past issues and to see him a state of relapse, she lets out her concerns and slowly becomes a scared wife.

The jump scares and twists involving ghosts and death are well done thanks to some timing and cinematography to show the scares at the right moments. We even get a nice shot from a drone where we see an open grave full of bodies and it looks so convincing that it’s pretty scary to watch.  

A Town Full of Ghosts makes its point and does a good job of it as the jump scares are timed perfectly and the cast does an amazing job. Its inspirations are there, and this is a enjoyable film to watch.


A No Sleep Films production. Director: Isaac Rodriguez. Producer: Cynthia Bergen. Writer: Isaac Rodriguez. Cinematography: Thomas Burke. Editing: Isaac Rodriguez.

Cast: Andrew C. Fisher, Mandy Rubio, Ali Alkhafaji, Lauren Lox, Mike Dell, Keekee Suki, Sarah Froelich.