It is the end of an era at WorldFilmGeek as we say farewell to the Indie Action Spotlight.

Since its beginnings in August 2016, the Indie Action Spotlight had provided fans a chance to check out short films and stunt/fight reels of up-and-coming performers in the action industry. However, since February 2022, things have really picked up on other fronts, from a slew of exclusive interviews and the Movies That Need More Love podcast, that it was time to say “goodbye” to this exclusive portion to WorldFilmGeek.

However, in lieu of the Indie Action Spotlight, WorldFilmGeek is offering a chance for all filmmakers who have released any short films regardless of genre for me to review. In addition, I will be happy to interview cast and crew of various short films to discuss the hard work they put into making their films.

If you have a short film, regardless of genre, that you would like for me to review, send me an e-mail at and please have a link wth some information about the film. In addition, if you would like to be interviewed about your film, I will be available to conduct Zoom meetings. This goes to all filmmakers from all over the world, as I believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity through a love of film.

As we say goodbye to one chapter…a new one begins….