Pride flag – designed by Valentino Vecchietti 

Calling all LGBTQ+ Actors, Filmmakers, Film Bloggers and Film Podcasters! We want you to celebrate your work in honor of Pride Month.

WorldFilmGeek would love to include you in celebrating Pride Month by including the following:

  • Plugging a new feature film or short film that has LGBTQ+ themes and/or prominent characters.
  • Plugging your film blog and/or podcast whether or not it revolves around LGBTQ+ films. If you’re an LGBTQ+ podcast host or blogger, we want to help support and plug your work.
  • Conduct interviews with LGBTQ+ actors and filmmakers to talk about their works and their thoughts on representing the community for the WorldFilmGeek Podcast.
  • Collaborations with LGBTQ+ bloggers and podcasters on various LGBTQ+ films in different genres and stereotypes in films.

If you are interested in having your work celebrated or collaborating with WorldFilmGeek for the podcast, send an e-mail with your ideas to and present your ideas. This e-mail is checked every morning and I will reply as soon as possible. If you are interested in collborating or interviews, we can work out a scheduled time and conduct interviews and collaborations via Zoom.

Let’s celebrate Pride Month with our love of films, no matter where you are from. After all….it’s all about the Movies and bring Proud of who you are!