A small Louisiana county is under attack by the titular creatures in this very funny homage to creature films from director Paul Dale.

When a man is found eaten up in his bathroom, the authorities have been alerted. Sheriff Mitch is on the case. As he investigates the case, another victim has been found and eaten as well. Mayor Boudreaux is gearing up for the 50th annual Gator Festival in Thibodeau County, but Mitch feels it is not the best idea. However, the Mayor is hellbent to ensure the festival goes on as planned.

It is soon discovered that the creatures who have been killing the locals are in fact gators that come out of the sewers. When the gators start to wreak more havoc, Sheriff Mitch urges the mayor to call off the festival to no avail. He ends up teaming up with a wildlife expert to find out why the gators are attacking the town. However, they soon learn they may not be able to handle the situation alone.

A fun and insane homage to the creature features of old, Paul Dale’s film about gators who come through the sewers and attack through either toilets, sinks, or other places is hilarious. It’s clear that if this is a film to be taken seriously, it fails. However, it looks more like Dale and company are just having fun with this, much like being in the vein of Dustin “Dark Infinity” Ferguson’s creature features, then it’s all about one thing: having an awesome time!

Kenny Bellau leads the way as the sheriff in charge of figuring out who or what is responsible for a series of murders in his town. Sean Phelan’s Mayor Boudreaux is the typical governing body seen in films that only is looking out for the almighty dollar rather than raise concern and only wants Mitch to do the job of stopping the creatures. Manon Pages comes in halfway through as Laura, a wildlife expert who may be the key in helping him out in this mission along with the mysterious local Shane, a crazed hunter who wants to destroy the gators and is funnily played by Austin Naulty.

The special effects, if you want to call them that, are hilarious as well, but they’re like car wrecks. You don’t have to look, but you want them. Gator babies, which attack for the third act of the film, look like little toys you would buy at a dollar store. The minimal blood in the film is replaced by ketchup from what it looks like. However, the visual computer effects are actually not bad at all. The practical effects are hilarious but nevertheless, as a fan of this crazy genre, this is one really fun to watch and it only runs an hour and one minute long.

Sewer Gators is a fun, wild, and crazy homage to the old school creature features that is definitely worth watching if you are into the genre. Paul Dale and company are having loads of fun and you will too watching it!


By the Horns presents a Paul Dale Films production. Director: Paul Dale. Producers: Zack Lee and Austin Frosch. Writer: Paul Dale. Cinematography: Paul Dale. Editing: Paul Dale.

Cast: Kenny Bellau, Manon Pages, Sean Phelan, Austin Naulty, Paul Dale, Carter Simoneaux, Charles Early, Sophia Brazda.

The film will premiere on Paul Dale’s YouTube channel on June 3 at 5:30pm Pacific/6:30pm Mountain/7:30pm Central/8:30pm Eastern