Two immature brothers are in for a dose of reality in this insane Belgian raucous comedy from the Guit Brothers.

Issachar and Zabulon are two brothers who do nothing more than cause trouble and pull pranks. Their antics have ticked on their mother, escort Cashmere, on numerous occasions. When the brothers are forced to take Cashmere’s dog January Jack for a walk, they are forced to leave the dog outside a store because their antics have caused them to find their own food. When they cause a ruckus inside the store, they narrowly escape but now they have lost the dog.

When Cashmere learned what Issachar and Zabulon had done, she gives them 24 hours to find the dog or else, they are done. They will be kicked out of the house and on the streets. They decide to look for January Jack and this leads to them chasing down the likes of Daniel, an overweight man who has a love for Cashmere despite her job, encounters with some very strange characters, and a night these two brothers will never forget.

This Belgian comedy is wildly insane from the opening scene to the finale. Brothers Lenny and Harpo Guit have crafted a 65-minute wild ride of two brothers who are given a major dose of reality when their pranks. The opening itself, which involves them cooking human feces and then their mother eating it and puking up the title card pretty gives you a dose of what we’re going to be dealing with.

Co-director and co-writer Harpo Guit and Maxi Delmelle show some fun chemistry as the immature brothers Zebulon and Issachar. These two, when they are not pranking each other, show their immaturity by constantly arguing and even fight each other over food, if not attempting to fight others. In one funny scene, Zebulon sees a kid with cookies and his attempts to steal them results in the kid smacking the immature man. This is just one in a series of insane gags that take up the 65-minute running time.

One running gag involves the character of Daniel, an overweight man who claims to be deeply in love with Cashmere so much that he blackmails the brothers in getting him a hookup with her in exchange for the dog. Their interactions with Daniel are the one time their moral compass gets the best of them as they attempt to stop Daniel from engaging with their mom. When he’s later seen at a party where…wait. This next part is destined to offend many people, guaranteed but in a way ends in both shocking but a sigh of relief. They go to a party where pet owners get together and well, do things with said pets and a breath of justice happens but still is gross out. Best to use your imagination if you haven’t seen the film. Meanwhile, the finale is pretty shocking as its unexpected, but you have to love the use of Georges Aliroi’s “Theme Flutissimo” running during the end credits as a short film involving the character of Choukri, played by Habib Ben Tanfous.

Mother Schmuckers is a pretty wild and offensive Belgian comedy that will not be for everyone. Yet, the film is a love child of Troma and John Waters with pretty shocking scenes, especially the “party” scene that’s unforgettable and is destined to be talked about by those who see the film.


Dark Star Pictures presents a Roue Libre production. Directors: Lenny and Harpo Guit. Producers: David Borgeaud and Erika Meda. Writers: Lenny and Harpo Guit. Cinematography: Sylvestre Vannoorenberghe. Editing: Guillaume Lion.

Cast: Maxi Delmelle, Harpo Guit, Claire Bodson, Fresco, Manah Depauw, Habib Ben Tanfous, Toni D’Antonio, Valentin Wilbaux