From the makers of Beautiful Lure comes an anime tale that can be described as a faith-based tale disguised as a sci-fi anime epic film.

150 million years ago, a meteorite heads towards Earth with the potential to destroy it. Despite the forces of Earth’s futile attempts, the meteorite is near the Earth. However, a mysterious force arrives to destroy the meteorite, saving the Earth. The force takes its form as Yaizael, a warrior from the planet Vega, who has made a solemn vow to Lord Elohim to protect the Earth and ensure the world’s safety.

Yaizael is tasked with training soldiers to help fend off alien attacks, notably that of Centarus Beta, the ones responsible for the meteorite that nearly destroyed them. The force is led by Dahar, the Lord of Darkness, who plans to swallow and destroy the Earth under his rule. As Yaizael begins to see the attacks, she finds help in the forms of warriors and twin brothers Michael and Lucifer, the latter who later joins Dahar when he falls under temptation. In the battle between good and evil, who will prevail?

Happy Science, the religious organization deemed by the mainstream as somewhat controversial, have been making their own films as of late, with Beautiful Lure being somewhat of a faith-based film under the guise of a J-horror film. Their latest film is another faith-based story but this time, they go the anime route and come up with a pretty good sci-fi tale of a battle between good and evil.

The film’s central protagonist is Yaizael, a warrior from a faraway galaxy who follows the words of the titular Lord Elohim and believes in the power of God and justice. After saving the Earth from being destroyed, she is asked by Lady Panguru to train the Earth soldiers to battle alien threats. Much like earthlings, there are good aliens and bad aliens. One pivotal scene is the character of Ladimir, a fellow soldier teaching Yaizael about a reptilian race who since being on Earth have believed in the idea of reincarnation and thus, when they are reborn, can take on a more human form. Then, there’s Michael, a celestial-like warrior who helps Yaizael in the battle between good and evil and when Yaizael seems to be skeptical, she learns she has more in common with him than she expects.

Some of the battle scenes are heavily inspired from favorite animes. Some of the space battle scenes have a Macross/Robotech vibe with the Earth battles bringing to the French-Japanese classic Ulysses 31, which also had a kind of religion meets sci-fi vibe upon its release in the early 1980s. There are quite a few twists in this film, especially with the character of Lucifer seem first as sort of an anti-hero who is the twin brother of the more angelic Michael, who helps Yaizael in the battle during the second half of the film. There’s also another when another central character takes on a new form as a panda in the fight against Dahar and his dark force.

The Laws of the Universe: The Age of Elohim is quite an interesting tale from Happy Science, but the fact they disguise their religious views as a sci-fi anime epic seems redundant as for the most part, I saw this as a sci-fi anime with a faith-based story.


Random Media and Nikkatsu presents a HS Pictures production. Director: Isamu Imakake. Producers: Ryuho Ozawa, Hisaaki Takeuchi, Akira Uniya, Tomohiro Mitsuhashi, Yoichi Utebi, Kaoru Ota, and Naofumi Sato. Writer: Sayaka Okawa; story by Ryuho Okawa. Editing: Hideaki Ohata.

Voice Cast: Brittany Cox, Michael Wang, Aleks Le, Anthony Hansen, Gemma Devlin, David Vincent, Edward Bosco, T. Haywer