A man’s dream to make it big in Hollywood leads to a series of gags and mishaps in this homage to classic Hollywood slapstick comedies.

Gregory Popovich is a circus performer whose idea for a routine is widely ignored by his bosses. He decides he could do better and after sabotaging the circus, he heads to Hollywood with the intent of being a star. As soon as he arrives, things don’t bode too well. First, he ends up in a small town and on top of that, he accidentally destroys a statue belonging to rich lady Susan Meglopolos. Popovich is forced to work in order to pay back the cost of the statue.

To make sure Popovich fails on all accounts, she sends her assistant to record everything to show his failures. Working in a restaurant causes Popovich to get fired after attracting all the animals in town. A job in construction leads to a series of safety violations. However, with the support of local Sarah, who is the only one who can see Popovich isn’t a bad fellow, he learns that a shot at being an extra in a movie shot on location in town could be the steppingstone to his dream of stardom…or will his penchant for getting into trouble stop that dream once and for all?

One of the best genres in Hollywood cinema was that of the slapstick comedy era. Classic comedians and performers such as Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, and the Marx Brothers are examples of this amazing era of films, combining laughs with physical grace. While Jackie Chan have been influenced by these guys, the closest we’ve gotten to modern day slapstick was the 1992 film Brain Donors, inspired by the Marx Brothers classic A Night at the Opera. That is, until now.

Enter Gregory Popovich, who bases the character on his real-life. A circus performer, this film gives the chance for the Russian-born actor to showcase his physical comedy skills. Along with Mike Thompson, the circus performer does an amazing job of paying homage to this classic comedy genre. It ends up being a feel-good film filled with a style of comedy that is truly missed whereas a lot of today’s indie comedies rely on more raunchiness and exploitative matter.

The gags and supporting cast of characters work well to go along with Popovich’s gags. From a group of animals invading the kitchen of a restaurant to attempting to stop a load of swinging bricks at a construction site, Popovich successfully gets to showcase his style of comedy. There’s even a dog catcher who gets involved in a Little Rascals-style gags after a chase scene that pays homage to the classic style of comedy. Shannan Calcutt is great as Sarah, the only one who has a heart towards our hero and gives him advice on how to go about things when it’s too late. The finale takes quite a predictable turn that makes this even more worth watching.

Popovich: Road to Hollywood is a fun homage to the classic Hollywood slapstick comedy with renowned circus performer Gregory Popovich front and center showcasing his great physical comedy skills. If you miss the slapstick comedy genre of old, this is the film to watch!


Random Media presents a Light Force Studios production. Directors: Gregory Popovich and Mike Thompson. Producer: Todd Hailstone. Writers: Gregory Popovich and Mike Thompson. Cinematography: Jerry Thompson. Editing: Nick Byer, Robert Shupe, and Mike Thompson.

Cast: Gregory Popovich, Shannan Calcutt, Allie Moss, Darren Pitura, Amos Glick.