A woman juggles being a divorced mom, dating, and living her dream of being a stand-up comedian in this pilot to Michele Traina’s hit stand up stage comedy.

Meet Michele Traina, a divorced mom with a special needs child who lives with her parents in New Jersey. She dreams of making it big in the world of stand-up comedy. To make ends meet, she works as a drama teacher at an elementary school. She is also in a relationship with Mike, who isn’t exactly the best boyfriend material. Michele gets her buddy to make a video of her juggling so much in hopes to take it a step further and create a pilot for a possible series. With juggling so much, Michele tends to get a bit emotional when certain events transpire, but one thing’s for sure; she is not giving up.

This proposed pilot from writer Michele Traina, whose comedy show of the same name, is doing quite well. Translating a stand-up hit into a series can be difficult. However, it is clear here that Traina has the comic timing with perfect reactions to things and even gets a bit emotional with a sense of comic overload. Sometimes in these situations, people overreact, and it gets extremely annoying. However, when Traina reacts to an incident with boyfriend Mike, she unleashes her tirade but soon stops and still has a sense of hope in that department.

Michele’s daughter Grace has some cute scenes with her mom, but the scenes that bring out very funny comedy is that in the school. The principal completely butchers her name on all accounts, even when she corrects him. She learns that her materials are slowly diminishing due to other staff needing them, which also draws some insane chaos even when she tries to remain calm in front of her students. She even gets highly annoyed at Grace’s teacher, nicknamed “Perfect Mom” when this teacher informs her she has to bring certain types of snacks.

In the vein of Seinfeld, we get glimpses of Michele on the stage showcasing some bits from her comedy. As a comedienne who reveals her experiences and turns them into comedy, she does a hell of a job. Her gags are quite funny. There are even fun moments in which her videographer and friend Doug, played by Doug Bass, takes over the camera and tells the viewer how crazy Michele can be at times. He tries his best to keep her grounded but for the most part to no avail.

The Divorce Diaries has the great potential to be a series, thanks in part to when compared to that big show of the 1980s and 1990s, actually has a story about a woman just trying to do the best she can while living her dream. Michele Traina is a definite comic genius who work needs to be seen more and this pilot is a great steppingstone to big things.


A Divorce Diaries production. Director: Angie Hansen. Producer: Michele Traina. Writer: Michele Traina. Cinematography: Philip Kral. Editing: Caleb Allan.

Cast: Michele Traina, Doug Bass.