This is going to a post-holiday no one will ever forget in this horror-comedy from director Casey Tebo.

It is time for the annual Black Friday sale at We Luv Toys. However, some of the store employees would be much happier at home. They include divorcee Ken Bates, who is none too thrilled about dropping his daughters off at his ex’s home and Chris Godeski, a germophobe who’s grown tired of his father berating him constantly. Upon arriving at the store, Chris gets more berated by assistant manager Brian and employee of the month Anita. Ken seems to have a thing for store employee Marnie as well.

However, reports of a meteor shower have resulted in something not looking right. When the new guy in the store is attacked by an infected person, the employee helps start a deadly wave of infection amongst the shoppers. With manager Jonathan and maintenance man Archie, the surviving employees are in for a long night. Will these employees be able to survive this Black Friday?

We’ve had plenty of holiday horror films, from Silent Night, Deadly Night to the Easter Bunny Massacre. This is a fun film revolving around Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving where shoppers go insane when looking for the best deals on various things. Of course, there have been viral videos of shoppers going after the same thing, sometimes resulting in fights (and store bans). However, writer Andy Greskoviak and director Casey Tebo answer how monstrous could these shoppers be? Well, add a meteor that is some sort of parasite looking for a host and we see exactly how Black Friday becomes a total and absolute nightmare…for the store employees.

The ensemble cast is great for this as the core cast have been involved in horror films of the past. Final Destination’s Devon Sawa is great as Ken, a divorcee who would rather be with his kids then work. Pan’s Labyrinth’s Ivana Baquero plays Marnie, a co-worker who tends to have a thing with Ken during breaks although Ken sees it as a possible relationship. Goosebumps’ Ryan Lee is Chris, a complete germophobe who must learn to overcome his fear when the insanity begins. Then of course, there’s Spawn himself, Michael Jai White, as maintenance man Archie and the legendary Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell, as store manager Jonathan, who rather see sales move up not giving a damn about his employees.

If there are two characters that are so annoying you want them to get theirs eventually, they are Stephen Peck’s flamboyant and butt-kissing assistant manager Brian and Celeste Olivia’s Anita. These two are the epitome of not only butt-kissing in a corporate environment, but also abusing their authority, targeting Chris on all factors. One of them gets their comeuppance early and the other later towards the finale. But either way, these characters are exactly who viewers will want gone at some point in the film.

Kudos has to go out to Robert Kurtzman and his team for the film’s amazing special effects. The meteor itself looks like something that could come out of, or was perhaps inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Color Out of Space with a dash of the symbotic vein on Venom with the parasite looking like Spider-Man’s webbing. The infected creatures look vicious and in evolved stages look like something that resembles the Evil One from Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD, but then comes a very shocking twist that will make viewers’ mouths drop.

Black Friday is one of the wildest rides of a post-holiday flick where it’s an amped up version of an actual Black Friday and answers the question “how dangerous can shoppers actually be”. The ensemble cast of horror veterans stand out to a tee and the FX are pretty wicked with the twist being jaw-dropping and insane.


Screen Media presents a MFW Manufacturing production. Director: Casey Tebo. Producers: Bruce Campbell and Warner Davis. Writer: Andy Greskoviak. Cinematography: David Kruta. Editing: Chris Tonick.

Cast: Devon Sawa, Ivana Baquero, Ryan Lee, Stephen Peck, Michael Jai White, Bruce Campbell, Celeste Olivia, Mark Steger.