A first date leads to insane consequences in this one-shot film from director Robert Rippberger.

Max is a timid young man who has finally scored a date via a dating app. He meets the young woman, Avery, who works as the local movie theater. As the two get to know each other, they find an incident occurring at the theater and Max meets Avery’s brother Philip, who warns Max about his sister. Avery then comes up with an idea. She invites Max to find a supposedly haunted house.

Upon their arrival, things start out very strange. However, Max soon learns Avery’s real intentions. She and her brother have lured Max in because there is a demonic presence known as Rotcreep in the house and it is looking for a new victim. As Max begins his quest to escape, he comes across a young boy, Rudy. As Max attempts to escape from Rotcreep and the house, will he be able to keep his mind intact or will the house of horrors lead him to a state of insanity?

From the mind of Robert Rippberger comes this pretty wild supernatural ride that takes advantage of a trend that has been popping up as of late: the one shot or one take film. Recent films like One Shot and Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes have utilized the one long take film and Rippberger’s film does that as well. The film starts out as a somewhat of a romance as we get to learn about our two leads Max and Avery before delving into the film’s supernatural element.

Scarlett Sperduto is wonderful as Avery, Max’s date. She seems to hit it off with Max despite a few reservations here and there. The chemistry between her and Max, excellently played by Booboo Stewart looks to work as if they are actually on a first date. Booboo Stewart plays Max as a shy fellow who tries to warm up when it comes to Avery. When she brings up with the idea of going into the haunted house, Max has his reservations, but it’s clear he really likes this girl.

The film soon delves into a house of horrors thanks to Avery and her devious brother Phillip, played by Grant Morningstar. Morningstar plays Phillip first as someone who is acting like a big brother in terms of warning Max about Avery in a somewhat sarcastic tone. However, it’s clear he is the true mastermind behind the whole situation that leads Max into the house of horrors and his chance to escape. Bryson JonSteele does an excellent job as Rudy, a young boy who Max meets during his chance to escape while Booboo’s father, actor/stuntman Nils Allen Stewart, is creepy as the demonic Rotcreep. There are shades of WandaVision when a dirt covered Max ends up in a vintage living room watching a black and white TV with a 50’s style sitcom with himself and Avery in the show. And the final moments are just shocking to watch.

Those Who Walk Away is an experience that has to be seen as the one-shot film brings us together with the great Booboo Stewart in one of his best performances going through a maze of horrors. An excellent film from director Robert Rippberger.


VMI Releasing presents a SIE Films/Argentic Productions in association with Slated and Sandeep Sehkar Films. Director: Robert Rippberger. Producers: KT Kent and Robert Rippberger. Writers: Spencer Moleda and Robert Rippberger. Cinematography: Diego Cordero. Editing: Gabriel Cullen and Edgar Yeghiazaryan.

Cast: Booboo Stewart, Scarlett Sperduto, Grant Morningstar, Nils Allen Stewart, Connor McKinley, Bryson JonSteele, Devin Keaton.

The film will be released on February 11, 2022.