An isolated woman faces off against a horrific reality in this thriller from the duo of Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks.

Charlie is a professional make-up artist who is excited as her girlfriend Simone, a photographer, is on her way back home from a job abroad. As she prepares for Simone’s visit, she gets a call from her best friend Thea. Thea warns her that Simone may not be all she tends to be, and she needs to be careful. Despite Thea’s warnings, Charlie is committed to Simone. When her mother calls her to inform her that her grandmother died and she needs a cross that belonged to her back, Charlie begins to slowly realize things aren’t as they seem.

Charlie feels like she is nighttime while her mother tells her it is the afternoon. Charlie discovers that the time on her laptop has disappeared. She thinks something is going wrong and tries to reach out to the building manager. When she starts hearing a voice from the vent, she is convinced that she is not alone and things slowly begin to unravel as memories and dark truths about her life take a turn for the worse. Can Charlie find the ability to get through and past everything? Or will the isolation force her to go into a complete state of madness?

In the wake of COVID, the “isolated” horror film has once again returned in a major way, including the short film Escalation from stuntman turned filmmaker Christian Bachini. For this film, the duo of Emily Bennett (who also stars as the isolated Charlie) and Justin Brooks do something quite different. With Bennett taking the lead role, the film allows her to convey various emotions from excited to horrified with some intricate twists in the form of some supernatural forces keeping her in isolation and coming to grips with her life.

Two major factors that connect together are Charlie’s relationships with her girlfriend Simone, played by Emma Myles; and her mother, played by the iconic Barbara Crampton. While Simone is on her way back from a job abroad, her mother feels like Simone is a witch, an actual witch. It is Charlie’s first conversation with her mother that becomes the catalyst for the supernatural events, as the Wi-Fi tends to have glitches that affect the time, or so it seems. Add to the mix Charlie’s bestie Thea, played by Dora Madison, who constantly warns her about Simone and how she doesn’t really care for Charlie, which Charlie finds herself constantly having to tell her to be quiet. As part of the isolation, both Crampton and Madison are seen through screens.

What many will find interesting is that Bennett not only takes the role of Charlie, but does a bit of voiceover work as the crazy voice in the vent. When we hear the voice, this turns to something extremely interesting. We see scenes in which Charlie looks like she is leaving the house but comes face to face with the dark realities that plague her life. They include the possibility of Charlie learning Simone may be in a relationship with a man and a confrontation with Simone when she does in fact return home, or is it? Bennett really delves into an emotional downward spiral within the confines of her apartment, and you can only feel a bit of empathy for her.

Alone with You is dramatic, tense, and emotional thanks to Emily Bennett’s amazing performance in an isolated state with great support from the iconic Barbara Crampton and Dora Madison. This is definitely one to check out!


Dark Star Pictures presents an Untapped production. Directors: Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks. Producers: Andrew Corkin and Theo James. Writers: Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks. Cinematography: Justin Brooks. Editing: Justin Brooks.

Cast: Emily Brooks, Barbara Crampton, Dora Madison, Emma Myles.

The film will be released in select theaters on February 4 followed by an On Demand, Digital, and DVD release on February 8.