Two women fight for more than their lives in this exciting horror film from director Eduardo Rodriguez.

Siri is a single mother who is going on a road trip with her young daughter Eve. When Siri stops for gas and supplies, she is completely in an uncomfortable mood upon meeting the clerk of the store. A visit to the restroom leads to meeting hitchhiker Iris, who asks for a ride. However, when Iris sees Siri having car trouble, she helps, and Siri repays her by giving her a ride.

When Siri goes to check on Eve, she is shocked to learn that Eve is missing. Her shock leads to the car breaking down in the middle of the road. The two women go into a panic as they search around for Eve. However, something sinister slowly begins to emerge and attack the two women. As the attacks sporadically continue, Siri and Iris must find out why they are being attacked and why Eve has disappeared.

Written and directed by Eduardo Rodriguez, this is quite an interesting and fresh take on the road horror film. The story of a single mom searching for her daughter and encountering a supernatural force is amazingly done with loads of twists to bring everything to a shocking finale in its 84-minute running time.

Of course, it has to take a cast worthy to make the film watchable and this film is spearheaded by The Stylist’s Najarra Townsend, who plays our protagonist Siri. Going 180 from her amazing role in that film, she delivers an emotional performance as a mother frantically trying to find her daughter and facing off against a sinister ghost who brings in some jump scares throughout the film. Leah Lauren gives excellent support as Iris, the hitchhiker who helps Siri out on the quest to find her daughter. Johnny Whitworth has come far from his clean-cut role in Empire Records to play some more creepy like characters including this one, as a store clerk who clearly makes Siri uncomfortable.

The film’s twists come in the form of flashbacks and dream sequences Siri has and they help put the pieces together on to a series of questions that need to be answered, especially why Eve has disappeared. As the scares of the film continue, some of them are so good that they keep you at the edge of your seat. This all leads to a very shocking finale that brings it all together and even provides a jaw-dropping scene involving Siri.

The Darkness of the Road is quite a surprise with its execution in terms of taking the supernatural road movie and bringing in some great twists all thanks to an excellent performance from lead Najarra Townsend.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents a Treehouse Pictures production. Director: Eduardo Rodriguez. Producers: Juliet Berman, David Lawson Jr., Jsutin Nappi, and Eric Tosstorff. Writer: Eduardo Rodriguez. Cinematography: John DeFazio. Editing: Eduardo Rodriguez.

Cast: Najarra Townsend, Leah Lauren, Johnny Withworth, Gwyneth Glover.