A couple finds themselves part of a deadly hunt in this meshing of supernatural and survival horror film.

Robin and Leo Murphy are a couple who are in Germany after Robin’s grandfather Karl had died. Born there, Robin and her father left when she was a youngster, and this is her first trip back since leaving. Going inside the Black Forest, the couple goes to the family cabin and meet an old friend of Karl’s, Arthur Fuchs and his daughter Amalia. On their first night, the couple finds themselves accosted by a group of people and are soon knocked out.

The next morning, Robin and Leo wake up in the middle of the forest. They are not alone. Arthur and Amalia are there along with two other people, Russian traveler Katya and escort Tabitha. As they try to find out why they are in the forest, they find the group who had accosted them. They are three sisters, Hettica, Latara, and Fell as well as a masked hunter who inform the group that they are being selected by a legendary god who will arrive at night but in the meantime, will force the group to run and eventually be caught by the hunter for the god. Will they be able to escape, or will they fall to the deadly hunter and eventually become sacrificed to the legendary deity?

This is a film that tends to start in one genre but then becomes a meshing. The opening scene shows a woman surrounded by three witches and she gives birth to a demonic looking child. This makes the film seem like we’re set to see a supernatural like film involving a couple on a trip to Germany. One would think that the wife, who returns after her grandfather’s death, would perhaps meet the same fate as what we saw in the opening scene. It is soon discovered that it is far from the case.

The titular “Demigod” is that of the creature in the opening scene, which we assume is the deity that must be pleased by having a hunt for certain victims. In this case, the prey consist of our protagonist couple Robin and Leo, played very well by Rachel Nichols and Yohance Myles; father and daughter Athur and Amalia, played by the film’s co-writer and director Miles Doleac and Rachel Ryals; Russian traveler Katya, played by Tatiana Piper; and escort Tabitha, played by Manon Pages. Katya is the most outspoken of the group, convinced no matter what, no one will survive while Robin has a sense of history, as flashbacks reveal her time with her grandfather, played in a cameo by Jeremy London, which proves to be vital to the core story.

The ones responsible for the sacrificial hunt are three sisters, in which there are excellent performances as a highlight from Lindsay Anne Williams, Elena Sanchez, and Sarah Fisher (who sports some extreme make-up as Fell) along with Chukwuma Onwuchekwa, who channels a Madman Marz-vibe in the role of the “Hunter”. The film isn’t a complete gorefest in any way, but there are shades of the supernatural rift but when it gets brutal, the gore is not over the top but done quite right. The final act is perhaps very both shocking and predictable and yet, I still couldn’t take my eyes off.

Demigod is a pretty well-made combination of supernatural and survival horror film with Rachel Nichols churning out a really good performance with the villains being the real highlight of the film. Definitely worth checking out.


Gravitas Ventures presents an Artist Vodka Films and Historia Films production. Director: Miles Doleac. Producers: James Victor Bulian, Miles Doleac, Wesley O’Mary, and Lindsay Anne Williams. Writers: Miles Doleac and Michael Donovan Horn. Cinematography: Nathan Tape. Editing: Keith Jared Hollingsworth.

Cast: Rachel Nichols, Yohance Myles, Miles Doleac, Rachel Ryals, Tatiana Piper, Manon Pages, Lindsay Anne Williams, Elena Sanchez, Sarah Fisher, Christian Stokes, Chukwuma Onwuchekwa, Jeremy London.