Tensions rise between a survivor and a crazed military official in this film from director Brian Butler.

Diane is a young woman and filmmaker who wakes up to a band of corpses. Shocked to see the carnage she is now facing; she doesn’t know what to do. Looking around in the bunker she has been found in, she finally finds another survivor. His name is Gore and he’s a former military officer who is convinced that there is more to what it seems. Gore’s information proves to be correct as Diane gets a shocking discovery of what they are now facing but could they work together to stop what is slowly becoming the beginnings of a zombie apocalypse.

Clocked in at only 50 minutes, it is 50 minutes well worth seeing. Shot mainly in black-and-white (with color for flashbacks), the core of this film is the verbal rivalry between the strong-willed filmmaker Diane, played by Alexandra Slade; and the crazed Gore, played by Nick Young. Their ideal views are in constant conflict with the fact they have to somehow find a way to work together to survive. However, at times, Gore tends to play mind games with Diane and at other times, he seems like a bit sympathetic but it’s barely.

One thing stands out is the appearance of the zombies, which begin mid-way through the film and the special effects are nicely done. The zombies give off a Romero meets Muschietti meets Cronenberg vibe to things. They are an excellent twist to the story as it comes off somewhat as unexpected. However, it makes an amazing impact and brings more cohesion to the story which leads to a great finale.

Friend of the World is a very well-made film that starts out as a dangerous mind game between two survivors only to lead into something more terrifying. Nick Young and Alexandra Slade churn out some excellent performances and the SFX are nicely done as well. Worth checking out!


A Charybdis Pictures production in association with Gray Area Multimedia. Director: Brian Patrick Butler. Producers: Kerry Rossell, Brian Patrick Butler, and Luke Anthony Pensabene. Writer: Brian Patrick Butler. Cinematography: Ray Gallardo. Editing: Brian Patrick Butler.

Cast: Nick Young, Alexandra Slade, Michael C. Burgess, Kathryn Schott, Kevin Smith, Luke Anthony Pensabene, Marianna Pinto.