An aspiring actor strives to make his dream come true in this indie drama from filmmaker Frederick Sciretta.

Eddie Pasey has longed to become an actor and has trained for years. While he strives to live his dream, life gets in the way. While his mother and sister are supportive of his aspirations, his father doesn’t agree. His father thinks he will amount to nothing and tells him to get a job right away. In addition, Eddie’s best friend Johnny wants to spend more time focusing on partying and canoodling. However, Eddie is going to make his point known that he wants to live his dream.

When Eddie’s father loses his job, Eddie finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Pressured to get a regular job, Eddie finds life just getting in the way. He meets Lili, an aspiring psychology student, and he instantly falls for her. Soon enough, Eddie gets the chance to work with his mentor for a 10-week show. Eddie and Lili soon fall in love and have fun in their new relationship. Upon his return and losing touch with Lili, they reunite six months later, and Eddie once again finds himself in a predicament that risks shattering his dreams.

Set in the 1980s New York City, this tale of an actor taking some major risks to live his dream of becoming a stage actor comes crashing down due to life is surprisingly good. Writer-director Frederick Sciretta churns out a great story about the struggles our titular character must go through, from his family life to his new relationship and how they affect his ultimate dream of just being an actor. What is great is that Eddie doesn’t want to be a star but do what he loves to do and that’s acting.

Lindsey Johnson churns out an excellent performance as the titular Eddie, who finds any obstacle as just more fuel and motivation to live his dream of becoming an actor. He is so determined to live his dream because deep down, he finds himself in conflict with his father, played by Mel Hunter. As Paul, Hunter gives off a vibe that screams something along the lines of jealousy or wanting himself to feel superior that he always trashes Eddie and his dream. His mother and sister are at first supportive until Paul loses his job and Eddie is forced to be the breadwinner but not in the way he wants to do it and he is even called selfish at one point for not wanting to conform.

Lancelot E. Theobald Jr. is the comic relief of the film as Johnny, Eddie’s best friend who is a dancer (also the film’s choreographer) and yet, he spends his time taking Johnny to parties and canoodling with any woman in his sights. Sure, Johnny may seem the like the best friend who will get Eddie in trouble numerous times although it only happens once. However, in a pivotal scene, Johnny shows his sympathetic side and helps Eddie through one of the few major downers in his life. Jasmin Frankel also gives good support on both sides of the spectrum as Lily, a young woman who Eddie falls for and helps him overcome his fear of not being able to live his dream. As for Eric Roberts, he makes the most of his role as Eddie’s mentor, who soon helps him with his first major job. This is a twenty-year plus journey into the eyes of someone who loves what they are doing.

Eddie is an emotional journey of a man who loves doing what he wants to do and overcomes life to keep his aspirations, all spearheaded by an excellent lead performance from Lindsey Johnson.


Random Media presents an American Street Films/Loco Dreams production. Director: Frederick Sciretta. Producer: Louie Torrellas. Writer: Frederick Sciretta. Cinematography: Danny Feighery. Editing: Carlos Funes, Ben Perez, DF Edits.

Cast: Lindsey Johnson, Eric Roberts, Lancelot E Theobald Jr., Jasmin Frankel, Angela Rostic, Mel Hunter, Shawnette Hamilton-Roberrtson, Mel Hunter, Fred Sciretta, Tali Tadmor.