Jason Statham is a man with an agenda in his latest collaboration with Guy Ritchie.

Patrick Hall is a former security guard from Europe who is taking a new job in Los Angeles for the Fortico company. This job comes on the heels of a bust where their last job was hijacked, which resulted in the death of a few guards and a civilian. Given the nickname “H”, H does his best to go through the training and under the supervision of veteran Bullet, passes and is ready to take on his first assignment. It is this first assignment where he reveals to be more much than expected.

Working with “Boy Sweat Dave”, who is reluctant to work with H, the truck gets hijacked by some local thugs. However, H fires nearly all headshots, shocking everyone around him. Months pass and he is now one of the top guards of the company. However, for H, there is a reason why he has picked this particular company. And soon enough, the people within the company and certain people on the outside are going to be clear of H’s motives and anyone who crosses him better beware.

A remake of the French action film Cash Truck, this is the latest collaboration between director Guy Ritchie and actor Jason Statham. The film is told in chapters and the first is when we are introduced to Statham’s H, whose name is briefly revealed to be Patrick Hall, when he meets his superior Bullet, played by Holt McCallany. The brief training sequence is quite interesting to see as we watch H pass his tests with exactly the cutoff point. Then when he meets Josh Hartnett’s Dave, he is met with resistance because it’s clear Dave is intimidated by H.

It is once we see what H is really all about where the second chapter comes in and it serves more as an extension of the prologue of the film. We learn who exactly H is and his connection to the security company. It is a little predictable but still has a sense of ambiguity. It does present some shock value and the third chapter reveals the group responsible for H’s coming to the company and it leads to a shocking twist and an all-out wild action sequence.

Aside from McCallany doing a great job as Bullet, Josh Hartnett makes the most of his role as Dave, who acts tough because of fear of intimidation. There’s also an appearance from Andy Garcia as someone who is also connected to H who more or less, turns the other cheek when it comes to his actions. Niamh Algar is great as Dana, the only female guard of the company who acts tough except a scene where she is confronted by H after they sleep together, and yet he still shows an ounce of loyalty to her. Jeffrey Donovan and Scott Eastwood make the most of the roles as two of the reasons why H joins the company, and it comes to no surprise when the revelation comes in the second chapter of the film.

Wrath of Man is action packed and yet tense at the same time as we learn about a man who goes to great length to make his name and agenda known, all with Jason Statham showcasing once again why is a total badass.


MGM Studios and Miramax presents a Toff Guy Films production in association with Flic Films UK and CAA Media Finance. Director: Guy Ritchie. Producers: Ivan Atkinson, Bill Block, and Guy Ritchie. Writers: Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, and Marn Davies; based on the film Cash Truck, written by Nicolas Boukhrief and Eric Besnard. Cinematography: Alan Stewart. Editing: James Herbert.

Cast: Jason Statham, Holt McCallany, Josh Hartnett, Rocci Williams, Jeffrey Donovan, Niamh Algar, Scott Eastwood, Andy Garcia, Deobia Oporei, Laz Alonso, Raul Castillo, Eddie Marsan.