Shudder and RLJE Films are releasing the Brazilian horror film Skull: The Mask on DVD, VOD, and Digital next month.

After disappearing over fifty years ago, an ancient artifact known as the Mask of Anhangá resurfaces at an archaeological dig in the Amazon. It is brought to Sao Paulo to be exhibited at a museum, but before reaching its destination, the Mask starts to claim its victims as it possesses and forces them to carry out visceral sacrifices in gruesome fashion. With the body count increasing, it’s up to Officer Beatriz Obdias to find the Mask and put an end to the murder spree.

The film stars Natallia RodriguesWilton AndradeTristan AronovichDavid Wendefilm and Rurik Jr. as “Skull.” The duo of Kapel Furman and Armando Fonseca wrote and directed the film.

Look out for Skull: The Mask on DVD, On Demand, and Digital on October 26 from Shudder and RLJE Films.