In what could be hailed as probably one of the best news since 2012’s re-release of the 1980s cult martial arts film Miami Connection, another lost martial arts film has been found and will be seeing the light of day.

New York Ninja, a 1984 film was made and its star and director if Taiwanese kung fu action star and superkicker extraordinaire John Liu. The film was completed but there was no editing and there was no sync sound, so the film remained dormant for many years. Vinegar Symdrome, a company who is known for distributing cult films of old and new, have obtained the masters and decided to do their own post-production on the project and as a result, the company has set up their own production company and the film will finally see the light of day.

Aside from the release of the film, due to the fact there was no sound after production was completed, Vinegar Syndrome has done all the sound and has hired a group of some B-movie favorites to overdub the characters of the film. Kickboxing legend Don “The Dragon” Wilson provides the voice of John Liu himself. Cynthia Rothrock, Matt Mitler, Ginger Lynn Allen, Linnea Quigley, Leon Isaac Kennedy, and Vince Murdocco also lend voices to the cast with horror icon Michael Berryman voicing the main villain of the film.

A Winter 2021 release date is set for a Blu-Ray release of New York Ninja from the good old folks at Vinegar Syndrome.